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World After Warv v0.69 Public by Crazy Forge Studio, World After War is a game about you play as Jack, a young nerd and a virgin, who wakes up on a military base inside a mountain, in a NRF (nuclear refugees facility) place for VIPs and government people,a great war that has wrecked the whole world, now you are the leader of the group, you and 5 other beautiful women,you need to keep that place in order, go out in the world in search of resources, keep the base with a good supply of water, food and electricity, improve your base to make your roommates happy, repair / build robots to collect resources, study and discover new improvements and technologies and survive in this apocalyptic world!

Updated: 2022-05-21
Release Date: 2022-05-21
Developer: Crazy Forge Studio Patreon
Censored: No
Version: v0.69 Public
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English

3DCG, Male Protagonist, Sci-fi, Masturbation, Milf
1. Extract game to its own folder
2. Run
New Content:
– Conclusion of “The Dead World” quest.

New Content:
– Progress on “The Dead World” quest
– Small progress on “Mr. Blue Eyes” quest.

New Content:
– Start of the quest: My Bro. [NTR/Avoidable]- Start of the quest: Good Girls. [NTR – Futa on Female]- Start of the quest: Pain and Pleasure. [Futa on Male]

Minor changes:
-Fixed an issue that could make it impossible for squad members to attack during combat.
-Fixed an issue that could occur in some missions if one of the girls is assigned in the squad.

v0.66 Public
New Content:
-The start of 2 new quests with Sakura.
Minor changes:
-Minor UI changes in the resource transfer part.

– Small progress on “The lawyer” quest.
– Small progress on “Who’s the boss” quest.
– 08 new pictures in the Gallery with the big tits content.
– 02 new pictures in the Gallery with the male centaur content.

New Content:

-Progress on “The Dead World” quest.
-One new option with Samantha Cat.
-07 new pictures in the Gallery.

New Content:

-Small progress on “The Dead World” quest.
-New quest “Crystanium Plates”.

Minor changes:
-Fixed an issue with the requirement to start the quest “The Allure of the Pussy”.
-Fixed an issue that entering the room before going to “Santa Rosa, New Mexico” in the search “The Dead World” would skip this whole scene.
-Fixed an issue with the saving of some quest information with one of the girls being in the squad.
-Using Glock and hunting knives in combat now has sound effects.
-Ui in combat shows how much AP the primary and secondary weapon requires.
-Mc now starts the combat with the correct amount of Action Points regardless of name and recovers AP on each player turn.
-8 pictures of Samantha talking in the bedroom were redone.
-Solar panels are upgradable to level 8.

New content:
– Visit Sakura in the pool
– Watch a movie with Sakura.
– Conclusion of: “Rude Girl” quest. [Futa on Male path]- 07 New pictures of “Futa” in the gallery.
– 01 New pictures of Mary in the gallery.

Minor changes:
-The help menu has been updated. Go to the world map and click on the ‘?’ to access it.

v 0.61
New content:

-Conclusion of: “Houston Desalination Plant” Quest.
-Conclusion of: “Houston Greenhouse” Quest.
-Conclusion of: “Rude Girl” quest. [Futa on female path]-Progress on the “The Dead World” quest.
-Progress on the “Mr. Blue Eyes” quest.
-Progress on the “The Price of Freedom” quest.

v0.60 Public
New Content:

-Small progress in the quest: The Dead World.
-Small progress in the quest: Mr. Blue Eyes.
-Small progress in the quest: Who’s The Boss.
-The UI part with information about current quests improved.

New Content
– A new quest: The Allure of the Pussy.
– A new futa scene with Suzy in the bedroom.

New Content:
– Invite Angelica or Alexis to watch a movie in the evening. [There is no boring movie option yet]- Visit Angelica or Alexis at the pool.
– Progress in the quest: Saving a Ghost Reaper.

New content:
-Small progress on the quest: The Price of Freedom.
-Start of the quest: Who’s The Boss. [If you do not pay the taxes to Tony].
-Start of the quest: Mr. Blue eyes.

Minor changes:
-Ui correctly shows the amount of taxes payable to Tony if you have fewer resources than taxes.

v 0.56
New Content:

– Quest progress: The lawyer.
– 02 new options during the movie with Ai and Ashley.

Minor changes:
– Added forward and back buttons when looking at photos from the gallery.

New content:

– Peek Angelica and Alexis in the showers.
– The beginning of a new mission: The Price of Freedom.
– The beginning and some progress of a new mission: Rude Girl.
– 58 New Jpg files.
– 04 New mp4 files.

Known Issue:
– Combat works only if the MC has the name “Jack”.

New content:

-Combat v 0.1.
-22 jpg files Gnome MC in the gallery.
-02 mp4 files.

Known Issue:
– Combat works only if the MC has the name “Jack”.

v 0.52
New content:

– New Quest: A Curious Date in the Night.
– 55 New Jpg files / 5 New mp4 files.
– 05 New Jpg files / 5 New Male on Futa mp4 files.
– More than 30 old renders with Ai redone.
– Blowjob with Ai reworked.

New content:

– Progress in quest Natural selection
– 07 (+1 Futa on male) new mp4 files
– 48 (+12 Iray) (+3 Futa on male, +20 Iray Futa on male) CG

Minor Changes:
– A few grammar corrections.
– Fixed an issue where the scrollbar handle is too slim when opening the Work Ui.
– Fixed an issue with the Anal lube button with Samantha.

v0.49.2 Public
New content:

-30 pictures in the Gallery with Michelle
-12 normal pictures
-10 Animations
-1 Animation in Gallery

Minor changes:
– Now to progress in The Dead World quest you need to talk to Kassandra about Houston.
– Ai arrives with the radio and starts The survivors’ quest as soon as you see the movie with her for the first time.
– Fixed, in the most recent versions, Mc can’t walk to the two warehouses and return to the shelter before 11 pm.
– Fixed an issue where a scene in The Dead World quest was repeating endlessly.

v0.48 public
New content:

– A new complete quest
– A new option in the pool.
– 17 new hot photos of Male on Futa in the gallery.
– 03 new hot photos of Ashley in the gallery

v0.47.1 Public
New content:

– Progress in the quest – Sisters of war.
– Talk with Carol to start a new quest.
– Progress in the quest – The Lawyer.

v0.46 Public
New content:

– A complete new quest.
– Michelle content.
– Futa on Male content.

v0.45 Public
New content:

– A complete new quest.
– The beginning of a new quest.



Download For Win
Download For Mac
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Download For SAVES
MEDIAFIRE *Save v 0.47 99%

1. extract the SavXXX file.
2. Create a folder with the name Save within the World After War_Data/ , if the folder does not already exist.
or just open the game and go to main menu that the game will create the file.
3. Copy the SavXXX file into the World After War_Data/Save.
4. Fin.


Just research/build, replicator tier 1, water pump, water purifier and greenhouse, don’t waste time researching anything else, ONLY go to warehouses don’t go to houses.

It’s really important to shelter be clean 80% to 100% give you +4 morale every day.

1 day as leader: go to 2 warehouses to get resources, assign to research water purifier and greenhouse and let Ai researching. Set in Rules menu 8 foods for each survivors and 80 water, you have a lot of resources in the start and you get more morale.

2 day as leader: go to 2 warehouses again, check if you can build a replicator, water purifier or greenhouse and let Ai build/reseach.
shelter need some clean to let Ai clean the shelter for 3hs-5hs.

3 day as leader: Ai and Mc need some hours resting to get some happy, 80% is enough, Don’t leave shelter this day, Assign Mc to rest and help to clean the shelter, set in Rules Menu 4 foods and 40 water or soon you will get low on food/water.

4 day as leader: go to 2 warehouses again, check if you can build a water purifier, greenhouse. research/build water pump,greenhouse or water purifier and let Ai researching/building, assign some hours to clean the shelter and when mc return, let he help to clean.

5 day as leader: go to 1-2 warehouses again, assign Mc to help to clean/build or research., research/build water pump,greenhouse or water purifier. keep shelter 80% clean or more and survivors 80% happy or more.

Day 6 and 7: to the same steps.

Day 8: now you have Mary to help, research,building and cleaning is faster. Mary is 100% happy so just let her clean/build.



Day 9 and i have 89 moral doing the steps.
i could build replicator,greenhouse,water purifier and water pump, resources in POIs are random, sometimes you get more/less.
Don’t forget to decrease the food/water in Rules, if you set a amount that you shelter don’t have nobody will eat/have bath and you will lose morale.


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