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To Be A King v0.6.1 by Thunderline Studios, To Be A King Game is about as a newly appointed royal minister, brought in after the previous minister was deposed, you take your position during a time of uncertainty. You’ve been loyal to the king ever since you two rose up the military ranks together. After the previous king died under mysterious circumstances, the current king took his position. You were sent to reinforce the eastern part of the kingdom, and your victories earned new territory and riches for your king, your soldiers, and yourself.

Three recent assassination attempts, mercifully failed ones, have left the entire kingdom on edge. Are you entering a greater position of power during a time where your role can be solidified? Or will you be swiftly removed as the kingdom continues to unravel? Throughout your time, you’ll learn more behind who really controls power in the kingdom, uncover plots against the kingdom, and have the possibility of romance (but you’ll have to tread carefully as each romance can put you at risk). Your choices will determine not only your future but that of the kingdom.

Updated: 2021-08-24
Release Date: 2021-08-24
Developer: Thunderline Studios Patreon  – YouTube
Censored: No
Version: v0.6.1
OS: Windows, Mac
Language: English

3DCG, Big Ass, Big Boob, Male Protagonist, Romance, Teasing
1. Extract and run.

  • 35 new scenes
  • 1400 new renders
  • Biographies for new characters added
  • Environment texture improvements
  • New music tracks
  • Several new characters
  • New love interests available



Dev comments
It’s finally here! After a couple of months of work, I’m proud to present To Be A King Chapter 5. It’s been a bit since our last release (early October!), but I expect future releases will come much more quickly (and be about this large). A HUGE thanks to my dedicated beta team that worked a ton of hours to help me polish this release and make the game better.
Before you jump straight to the download links, let me review a few things you need to know. Future releases should not be near this amount of change, but I used the time in development to “reboot” a few things.
No more Android releases
I’m afraid that To Be A King Chapter 4 was the last Android release, at least for the foreseeable future. From here on out, I’ll support Mac, PC, and Linux with releases. I may resume Android releases, but, for now, it’s not something I want to devote development time to, especially with me not having any devices to test it on and fine tune it.
New saves required
Thank goodness we are only beginning Chapter 5 here. I hate to see a game chuck old saves out the window with new releases, and I’m hoping this will be it for me having to change it. With all the code changes, existing saves will not work at all. Don’t even try them. I do not enjoy games that break saves, and believe me, if there was a way to avoid this, I would have. I’ve taken every precaution to ensure my code is all set for the future, so this should be a one-time thing. I did add the ability to name your saves, which should make it MUCH easier to keep track of your paths.
There Is No Free Roam
I made the mistake of announcing it while it was in development. Once Chapter 5 was nearly done, I tried free roam more extensively. It was not near as fun as it needed to be (more on that in this week’s dev update). So we are back to the traditional VN with branching paths. No need to click anywhere special or do anything more than follow the story, make your choices, and watch things play out. Sorry for anyone who was looking forward to this, but I can’t leave something in that isn’t as fun as it should be.
34 new scenes
1514 new renders
UI Improvements & changes
Intro video added
Ability to name your saved games added
Biographies of primary characters added
Model texture improvements
Environment texture improvements
A new relationship section has been added so you can see your progress with your chosen love interests
Sound effects added. There is a dedicated volume slider for these in preferences
Lewd sound effects added. There is a dedicated volume slider for these in preferences


– 456 new renders (for all paths)

– Over 13,000 new words for .4

– 2 new Lewd scenes

– Fixed issue with saves between releases, but this means you should start at the beginning. Old saves may have issues


New start is required. Old saves won’t work


Download For Win/Lin
Download For MAC (v0.5.1)
Download For Android (v0.4.6)


Download For Compressed Win/Lin
MEGA MIXDROP *This compression is unofficial which reduces media quality and might break the game.
Download For Compressed MAC
MEGA MIXDROP *This compression is unofficial which reduces media quality and might break the game.

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