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The Company v5.0 Complete by Westane, The Company is an AIF game set in the universe established by Wandrer on the ASSTR database, with his permission. This game focuses on the very early years of The Company before it became what Wandrer made it into, and aside from the entity itself borrows little to nothing else from his works. You choose your character’s name and gender and set off down a path of corruption, perversion, and control. As the game progresses, you’ll encounter more people to corrupt, and more ways to do it utilizing the various devices and drugs you’ll develop in the Company laboratory.​

Updated: 2022-05-05
Release Date: 2022-05-05
Developer: Westane – Patreon
Censored: No
Version: v5.0 Complete
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux
Language: English

Real porn, Female protagonist, Male protagonist, Futa/trans protagonist, Adventure, Animated, Corruption, Oral sex, Incest, Mind control, Transformation (M2F/F2M), Female domination, Futa/trans, Gay, Humiliation, Lesbian, Management, MILF, Multiple penetration, Sex toys, Slave, Voyeurism, Group sex, Drugs
If you’re updating skip to step 2.
1- Download the base pack and extract.
2- Download the update pack and extract overwriting when necessary.
3- Download the html file and put it on the root folder.
4- Open the html file to start playing.
v5.0 Complete
Update Summary
Update 5.0 adds two new MCSX endings to Ava’s serum route, as well as several new events and a few backend updates

General Updates
Due to several functional updates being made, Update 5.0 will not support save files from earlier versions of The Company
Ava’s “Broken Home” MCSX ending has been added to the game
Requires dosing Ava down the path to bring strangers into the house
Overwrites any non-MCSX doses applied to Dakota
This ending will primarily affect events around the home with Ava and Dakota
This is not a happy ending
Ava’s “Ava’s Bride” MCSX ending has been added to the game
Requires dosing Ava down the mental break route after giving her the Strange Strapon
This ending primarily affects how events play out around the home, specifically with Ava
After completing the MCSX events for this ending, your living arrangement will have been changed, and a new random event will unlock
New content has been added to Ava’s non-MCSX “Futa Maid” ending
New content has been added to Ava’s “Sell to Company” MCSX ending
New random events involving Penny and Julia will unlock after completing this ending!
All told, this update introduces over 14 new random events, not counting new variations to static events, as well as a few new conversations
System Updates
Free Play now starts the player at the first meeting with Sophie at the lab, rather than at the very beginning of the game
The MC will now also have a random surname given at character creation
Ava’s morning “visits” now have a 3 day cooldown
“See Dakota Masturbating” random event now only unlocks once you’ve seen Dakota changing in her room after dosing her to tease you
Dosing Penny to be more dominant will also add her Domme outfit to your outfit collection
Several passages have been reformatted on the backend for easier tracking and updating
Autosave now titles save files as “Chapter – Date” rather than default titling
Manual saves now allow for custom save file names, while also allowing to save with new default titling with a single click
Dakota’s MCSX “Dogkota” events now function properly, allowing you to finish the route
Elsa’s fertility is now tracked uniformly
Dakota will now join you and Ava for breakfast in Free Play
Maid Ava will now offer oral in the living room, even if you’re capable of fucking her
Fixed a number of location tracking inconsistencies
Fixed visual bug when texting Sophie and Diana
Fixed incomplete event removal when completing Dakota’s “Pornstar” MCSX ending
Fixed issue collecting royalties when completing Dakota’s “Pornstar” MCSX ending
Fixed issue allowing MC to acquire infinite “Dakota’s Bra” items
Fixed dialogue bug during Chanel and Tasha’s ISS
Fixed issues preventing Thanksgiving event from triggering properly
Fixed issues preventing Christmas Eve event from triggering properly
Fixed issues preventing Dakota’s “Pornstar” MCSX ending from progressing properly
Fixed errors is certain comment widgets
Fixed various JS issues in The Pit
Fixed various broken image calls
(local) Fixed Lisa’s imgLisa.js link

v4.3 Complete
General Updates

  • Loading a game past December 31st will roll the save back to December 31st
  • MCSX now unlocks on February 1st in Story Mode
  • Penny’s “Dating” condition has been changed. You now need to have visited her apartment at least once to be considered dating
  • Tasha’s “Dating” condition has been changed. You now need to have dosed her to meet you in your lab with some some extra attention to be considered dating
  • Sophie’s “Dating” condition remains the same, requiring you to be on her casual/romance path as far as it can currently go
  • Added community Ava’s Bathroom Surprise event, requiring Ava to be equipped with the Strange Strapon and on her dom route
  • Added community John’s Bathroom Train event, requiring player to be on Dom
    John route with Tasha having turned on the MC

System Updates

  • Added a failsafe that ensures if at any point MCS-3 is unlocked, MCS-2 will unlock as well
  • Random event chance has been increased from 50% to 65% to compensate for removal of random conversations
  • Permanent Sissy/Bimbo transformation now correctly checks to make sure you’re already a Sissy/Bimbo before locking you into that state


  • Fixed the Christmas event. Honest
  • Fixed backend issue to avoid any potential link errors on title screen
  • Fixed issue allowing player to skip the Christmas Eve Guest Selection event
  • Fixed wardrobe menu on mobile devices
  • Fixed issue allowing you to dose Jag with TFM1 infinitely
  • Fixed issue preventing Dom John route from progressing in Free Play
  • Fixed various issues with the front desk scenes
  • Fixed various issues with John’s ISS routing
  • Fixed issues with Ava’s ISS routing
  • Fixed macro errors during Sophie’s office sex scene
  • Fixed broken images with Ava
  • Fixed major issue with <StraponOrCock> macro leading to some weird recognition of anatomy
  • Fixed several macro errors and typos

v4.2 Complete
Update Summary

Update 4.2 progresses the main story through December while also adding a new conversation system, new story events, and addressing several bugs

General Updates

  • Loaded games will revert to November 28th if they were saved passed that date
  • Save files from versions of The Company older than Update 4.0 are no longer supported
  • New story events have been added starting November 30th and ending December 29th!
  • Kagney’s overworked event is now based on the new conversations system, detailed below
  • New multiple-path event involving your driver, Jag, added to the game and will utilize new conversation system
  • A new date with Sophie will allow you to continue to dose her further, so long as you’ve dosed her at every opportunity thus far
    • This will unlock new random events for her Sub and Dom path
    • This will unlock the ability to text Sophie
    • New images have been added for Sophie
  • New Christmas event!
    • Ava will be hosting a Christmas Eve dinner and you can invite one person to join you
    • Depending on how you’ve been playing, choices can include Penny, Tasha, Sophie, John, and Chris
  • MCSX unlock date is now December 31st

System Updates

  • Conversation system has been completely overhauled
    • Random conversations no longer occur, instead all conversations must be initiated manually
    • Players can now choose what conversation they want to have with a character, and new conversations will be flagged as such
    • Some schedules and events have been slightly rearranged to accommodate this, one example being that players can now join Sophie for a lunch conversation regardless of how they’re dosing her
  • New wardrobe slot has been added for face/head accessories
    • Update includes one hat!
  • Debug menu has been updated to reflect the new conversation system
  • The Chastity Cage is no longer classified as a “girly” item
    • This will rebalance some transformations for the better
  • Flag functions have finally been unified throughout the game


  • Fixed issue with Affection and Corruption not increasing properly
  • Fixed bug allowing for infinite player escorting from home
  • Fixed issue with Cat Collar not deducting correct amount of money on purchase
  • Fixed a number of character location bugs
  • Fixed some of Tasha’s dialogue while on John’s Dom route
  • Fixed issues with various random events
  • Fixed issue with Penny’s dating route not progressing properly
  • Fixed major issue preventing Dakota webcam events from working
  • Fixed issue preventing Dakota’s MCSX events from working
  • Fixed several coding issues related to PitSlaves
  • Fixed Lisa’s random events not triggering properly
  • Fixed issue unintentionally hiding certain lab options depending on how Penny is dosed
  • Fixed issue preventing certain events from triggering correctly with Tasha
  • Fixed issue preventing Ava’s “Destroy Clothing” event from triggering correctly while in chastity
  • Finishing escorting for a night will now send the player to bed rather than back home
  • You can no longer go to the mall on event days
  • Reduced the amount of Affection required to flag certain characters as being in a relationship with. This is a band-aid fix for something better moving forward.

Update Summary

Update 4.1 introduces Free Play mode to the game, allowing players to take their time and explore the game characters and systems at their own pace without having to worry about story progression

Free Play Update

  • Added Free Play to The Company! The following updates apply only to Free Play Mode
    • Free Play is not available when selecting “I have never played The Company before”
  • All story events are disabled
  • All work days can be skipped
  • All work days can be spent at home
  • Ava and Dakota will maintain “weekend” schedules during the week should you decide to stay home
    • Day Trips can still only occur on weekends
  • You can now unlock specialty serums at the lab upgrade scene
    • This includes TFM-1, BMB-1, and CMD-1
    • Unlocking the three specialty serums is required to unlock MCS-X
  • Julia can now be dosed with BMB-1 as you would dose any other character
    • This cannot be reversed
  • New character!
    • Kagney is the front desk receptionist
    • Kagney has a small serum route and a handful of spicy interactions!
    • She’s definitely been there the entire time…
  • Kagney can swap out Diana and Lauren as your Records Clerk once per week
  • Kagney can schedule dinners with Sophie for when you leave the office once per week
  • The Pit’s training room will be unlocked from the get-go, however you will have to purchase your first slave for $35,000 before you can start using it

General Updates

  • Updated a number of old and low quality images
  • Updated Sophie’s feminization path events
    • Dialogue and flow is more sensible is Sophie is feminizing MC
    • If feminization path didn’t progress during HQ trip, it can now be progressed at Sophie’s Condo if the conditions are met
    • This also makes Sophie’s feminization route available in Free Play
  • Added new Futa Ava x Elsa scene variations to Thanksgiving event
    • New Breakfast event requires walking in on Ava and Elsa in Ava’s room to trigger
  • Added new Post-Thanksgiving scene with MC, Elsa, and Dakota in living room
  • Visiting Elsa in living room after Thanksgiving now passes time
  • A new shower-centric random event has been added for Dakota
  • You can now text Diana!
    • This option unlocks after she returns to the office in Chapter 4 in Story Mode
    • This option is unlocked by default in Free Play
  • STORY MODE ONLY: New event line involving Kagney!
    • On November 14th you’ll be alerted to an issue Kagney is having
    • If you can find a way to resolve it before Thanksgiving week, an additional possible ending will be added for Elsa!

System Updates

  • Prologue has been completely updated on the backend to fall inline with current formatting standards
  • Chapter Select has been reformatted on the backend and slightly rebalanced
  • Minor updates to night TF check


  • Fixed dialogue issues in The Pit
  • Fixed missing passages during Thanksgiving ISS
  • Fixed missing macros (not) added in Update 4.0.3
  • Fixed missing image calls
  • Fixed tracking when impregnated by Ava

Update 4.0.3 focuses on implementing the Thanksgiving events, featuring new character Elsa.

Content Updates

Story events have been added through November 27th
Saves loaded with a game time after November 12th will be reset to November 12th
The Thanksgiving event has been added to the game
Elsa will arrive on November 20th and stay through November 24th
During this week, everyone will be home throughout the day
Over the course of the event there will be several opportunities for the player to interact with Elsa, and depending on how the player interacts, and how Ava and Dakota are dosed, the event can play out in different ways
There are two different ways for the event to end!
Serum sale prices have been adjusted
Dakota’s webcam event has been streamlined and should trigger more consistently
MCS-X now unlocks on December 1st
Players may now choose to start the game from Chapter 4 (No longer a dev build feature!)

System Updates

The Pit has more personalized images for Lauren and [REDACTED]New relationship widgets have been added to smooth over some dialogue between the MC and Dakota
New backend system in place to easily toggle extended time off from work for future events
New dialogue functions to better react to MC chastity state
MC Preferences selections now occur in the background

Fix NewDay errors
Fix progression issue after TFM incident
Fix various legacy formatting errors


Content Updates


  • Loading games from farther than November 12th will reset the date to November 12th
  • After the event with Craig early on in Chapter 4, you will unlock access to The Pit’s training area, where you will be able to spend time modifying, training, and interacting with your own personal test subjects!
  • You’ll start with one slave, two if you completed Penny’s task from Chapter 3

System Updates

  • The Pit’s training area has been added to the game
  • You’ll be able to experiment on slaves in The Pit using serums, physical modifications, and interactive training
  • New slaves can be purchased from Craig for $35,000 and one slave can be sold every couple of days
  • Value of slaves is based on several factors, including a “trending” factor that can change every Sunday
  • Your interactions with your slaves will vary based on how you’ve decided to manage them
  • This system is very new and will absolutely be going through some finetuning based on community feedback!
  • TFM-1, BMB-1, and CMD-1 will now remain unlocked after unlocking them
  • TFM-1, BMB-1, and CMD-1 serums can now be sold for profit after unlocking the ability to sell MCS-3 serums


  • Tightened up event flow to avoid skipping Company HQ trip
  • Fixed several issues and inconsistencies with action tracking and checks
  • Fixed various inconsistencies with character location feedback
  • Fixed broken imaged with Dakota’s camgirl events
  • Fixed issue preventing Chanel’s date event from triggering
  • Fixed pathing issues in Diana and Ava ISS events
  • Fixed minor issues in Tasha’s Company HQ and Daytrip scenes


Content Updates


  • Story events have been added through November 18th in-game
    • Loading games with dates past November 12th will be reset to November 12th
    • There should not be any progression lost through this reset
  • Once Ava has been appropriately dosed, you’ll (once again) have the option to fool around with her in the kitchen before work in the mornings
  • A new large date event has been added for Tasha on November 18th. This requires you to have at least 30 Affection with Tasha

System Updates

  • Added completion indicator to Tasks in sidebar
  • Sleeping in the game has been slightly streamlined


  • Game will now recognize if you’ve somehow ended up at the office on a weekend


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