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Star Knightess Aura v0.13.0 by aura-dev, Star Knightess Aura is a game about Follow Aura’s adventure as she is thrust into the fantasy world of Roya. What she initially believed to follow the conventional plotline of a “summoned to another world”-story quickly turns into her worst nightmare. Cursed by the Demon King, Aura must now struggle every night to track down her nemesis and ultimately strike him down.

But her enemies don’t just lurk in Roya. Having entered her mind through the Demon King’s curse, another enemy attempts to brainwash and corrupt Aura from the inside. Faced with a two-pronged attack against her body and mind, can Aura finish off her worst enemy without losing herself?

Star Knightess Aura is an RPG with nsfw erotic content, made with RPG Maker MZ. The game features themes of corruption, brainwashing, mental changes, possession, mind control, and NTR. All characters are 18+.​

Updated: 2021-12-07
Release Date: 2021-12-07
Developer: aura-dev – Patreon – – Twitter
Censored: No
Version: v0.13.0
OS: Windows
Language: English

2d game, adventure, big tits, fantasy, female protagonist, ntr, turn based combat, rpg, text based, paranormal, mind control, corruption
1. Extract game to its own folder
2. Run
Changelog 0.13.0 (26.11.2021)
Added Eastern Forest of Runes dungeon
Added Eastern Forest of Runes: Hidden Cave dungeon
Added Eastern Forest of Runes: Demonic Domain dungeon
Added intermediate Central Lake map
Added tavern map stub in Riverflow
Added Nephlune map
Added “Attending Classes 3”
Added Knowledge Room
Added “Slime Bonding 1” H-CGs
Added “Listening On Liliana” H-CGs
Added lewd scene “Fingered By Doll Aura”
Added scene “Meeting Liliana in Nephlune” and moved end of content message to Liliana’s house
Added quest stub “The Hand Of The King”
Added Material Merchant to Nephlune
Added Bookstore to Nephlune
Added Spellshop to Nephlune
Added item “Patentia Rune (Charged)”
Added material “Ancient Wood”
Added material “Maleficum”
Added item “Skillbook: Flashing Crotch Kick”
Added item “Skillbook: Protect I”
Added item “Skillbook: Offensive Stance II”
Added item “A Guide To Focusing Your Mind”
Added item “Encyclopedia Alchemica Volume I”
Added items “Bomb+” and “Blessed Bomb+”
Added skill “Flashing Crotch Kick I”
Added skill “Offensive Stance II”
Added skill “Lightning Sword I”
Iterated world map
Made Fire I interactions more dynamic by always considering possible party members
Added some simple scripting support for switching and restoring character costumes in earth recollection room
Removing Selflessness I enables “Minor Theft” interactions for stealing ropes and apples on some maps
Reworked progression system for lewdness and vice to not increase lewdness/vice if current lewdness/vice < minimum required lewdness/vice + 10
Increased max vice to 10 and lowered max lewdness to 18
Increased mental changes to 47
Increased max killed bosses score to 39
Upgraded to RPGMPacker 2.0.3
Buffed Storm I to have Auto-Cast property
Buffed Pacify I to reduce both ATK and MATK
Fixed typos and editorial improvements
Fixed missing +1 Lewdness text in lewd dance choice
Fixed watching Shopping 1 in recollection room permanently changing clothing
Fixed on-enter and on-touch having slightly different passability rule checks
Fixed FIRE slime form inheriting PHYS resistance
Fixed back attacks not working on large enemies
Fixed Shadowcloak giving tactical advantage for first 2 turns on ambushes
Fixed simultaneus auto-spell activations interefering with each other
Fixed alchemist lewd scene giving lewd increase twice
Fixed braziers in abandoned mines in northern forest not using refactored Fire I logic
Fixed party members remaining when using Patentia Rune
Fixed draining knowledge being repeatable
Fixed passability issue in vault

Changelog 0.12.3 (19.11.2021)

  • Add Richard standing CGs


  • No changes


  • Fixed being able to down vine at northern exit of northern forest of runes
  • Fixed passability issues in refugee sheds
  • Fixed recollection crystal for lewd dance for formula peddler teleporting into underground dungeon

Changelog 0.12.0 (30.10.2021)

  • Added scene “Tests Are Out 3”
  • Added scene “Attending Classes 1”
  • Added scene “Attending Classes 2”
  • Added scene “Dating George 1”
  • Added values room in Main Chamber
  • Added mental change “Breaking Science Beakers”
  • Added mental changes for corrupting first selfishness orb
  • Integrated “Demon Worshipper Handjob” CGs
  • Added lewd scene “Feeding Slave Owner Mouth To Mouth”
  • Added lewd scene “Lewd Dance For Formula Peddler”
  • Added lewd scene “Asking For Ass Groping By Slave Owner”
  • Added quest “Save The Crops!”
  • Added quest stub “Eternal Day Of Sloth”
  • Added skill “Shadowcloak I”
  • Added skill “Bless Item I”
  • Added skill “Light II”
  • Added skill “Assassinate I”
  • Added skill “Invest: AGI All” in Money Domain
  • Added skills “Morph: Fire” and “Morph: Phys” for Slime
  • Added item “Anti-Magic Coating”
  • Added formula Peddler shop
  • Added formula “Improved Vitality Potion Efficiency”
  • Added formula “Improved Bomb Efficiency”
  • Added formula “Energy Potion+”
  • Added formula “Flash Bomb+”
  • Added Stasis Bombs in expensive shop in Money Domain
  • Integrated maps for “Formula Peddler”
  • Integrated map “Southern Farmer House” in Riverflow
  • Integrated 2 refugee camp shed maps
  • Integrated map “Artist” in Riverflow
  • Added option to learn Assassinate I from farmer grandma
  • Added option to learn Morph: Fire from Slime Summoner
  • Added option to learn Shadowcloak I from Black Priestess
  • Added options to learn Light II and Bless Item I from White Priestess
  • Added option Bless Item at White Priestess
  • Scripted Aura spawn dialogue post-Festival
  • Added Vice option for blackmailing rescued merchant
  • Moved end of content points to White Priestess/Sardine/Nephlune
  • Blocked entrance to Arwin mansion post-Festival
  • Updated Charlotte Magic dialigue post-Festival
  • Added quest stub “Fortress Of Wrath”
  • Updated Desmond location and blocked entrance to boar hut cellar
  • Removed Marten post-Festival
  • Added rewards for quickly reaching second story arc at Bragging Merchant and Rescued Maid
  • Disabled dialogue options to trigger Festival post-Festival
  • Enabled periodic Blessed Water restock every 20 days post-Festival
  • Failing “Price Of Freedom” main objective when triggering derby with more than 1 participant
  • Added Modeling 1 event at Riverflow artist
  • Added rescued abductees to Refugee Camp / Trademond
  • Added Sick Workers and Edwin dialogue variants for post-Festival
  • Added “Reading. Is. Boring.” checks to some dialogues involving books
  • Added post-Festival John dialogue
  • Added post-Festival Paul dialogue
  • Increased max mental changes to 46
  • Increased Max Lewdness to 28
  • Integrated vice into score calculations


  • Increased Perika gain from Liquidation spells to 2000 when Selfishness >= 1
  • Story Mode: Reduced Perika cost of VIP Pass to 10k Perika


  • Fixed typos and editorial improvements
  • Fixed missing Ugliness I constraint for Lunchbreak 4
  • Fixed invisible choice options influence width of choice
  • Fixed learning Light II reenabling learning Light I
  • Fixed incorrect ENHANCED states and messages in double slime fight
  • Added some missing map names
  • Fixed minimum lewdness reduction not applying to second dialogue with slime summoner
  • Fixed android version code not always increasing
  • Fixed BGS not fading out when entering clear room
  • Fixed visual glitch when starting NG+ while having party members

Changelog 0.11.1 (01.10.2021)

  • Added real world events recollection room
  • Obtaining version number for end of content message


  • No changes


  • Fixed typos and editorial improvements
  • Fixed passability issues in arwin cellar dungeon
  • Removed require command due to incompatbility on android builds
  • Fixed missing open slot constraint for removing 3rd interest book
  • Fixed auto-spell cast affecting turn reduction for states
  • Fixed incorrect display name of Bandit Leader House map
  • Fixed being able to attack enemies through impassable tiles
  • Fixed impassable large stairs deadlock bug (0.11.1b)
  • Fixed non-interactable events in Arwin’s study (0.11.1c)

v0.11.0 (24.09.2021)

  • Added scene “Aura Changing Home 1”
  • Added scene “Library Club 5”
  • Added scene “Lunchbreak 4”
  • Added scene “Going Home With Rose 3”
  • Added scene “Evening Chat With Rose 3”
  • Added scene “Shopping In Mall 3”
  • Added scene “Shopping In Mall 4”
  • Added scene “Tutoring Alicia 6”
  • Added scene “Going Home With Alicia 6”
  • Added scene “Cheerleader Practice 1”
  • Added scene “Cheerleader Practice 2”
  • Added scene “Lunchbreak 5”
  • Added scene “Aura Reading 4”
  • Added scene “Chapter 2 start”
  • Added mental change “Removing Interest Book 3”
  • Added mental change “Socializing II”
  • Added mental change “Increase Going Home With Alicia Relationship”
  • Added mental change “Cheerleading I Interest”
  • Added mental change “Aura Preferring Cheerleader Club Over Library Club”
  • Added mental change “Removing Rose Guardian”
  • Integrated Northern Mines Cave maps (Thanks to Dragonbait)
  • Integrated School: Gymnasium map
  • Added apk android deployment into build pipeline
  • Integrated Maid Job 1 CGs
  • Integrated Maid Job 2 CGs
  • Scripted support for real time events to take up multiple time slots
  • Integrated Cheerleader pixel clothing
  • Upgraded to RPGMaker MZ 1.3.3
  • Increased max mental changes to 43


  • No changes


  • Fixed typos and editorial improvements
  • Fixed missplaced event in vault
  • Fixed issue when viewing Maid Job 1/2 during Festival Of Greed in recollection room
  • Fixed text overflow during “Kissing John” lewd scene

Changelog 0.10.1 (03.09.2021)
Added Money Domain 3
Added Money Domain 4
Added Money Domain 5
Added Money Domain 6
Finished quest “Festival Of Greed”
Added Alicia vs Guide Aura discussion scenes
Increased max Victory Score to 33
Changed duels to give victory score
John receives Duel Experience x 1 when winning the duel in the Festival
Removed +1 Corruption from not saving slaver

Fixed typos and editorial improvments
Fixed broken trigger in food shed
Fixed mingle with guests objective missing when jointing Festival via Edwin
Fixed exchanging Gold to Perika not triggering Eyes Of Greed
Fixed Human Derby state getting modified by Black Jack state and vice verca
Fixed dead spiders in northern mines not having Through flag
Fixed Luck is Also A Skill not taking extra reading into account
Fixed incorrect max progress display in Is It Possible To Block Magic
Fixed doubled text box in Evening Chat With Alicia 4
Fixed passability issues
Fixed Living Heart enhancement text saying 15 instead of 20 HP
Fixed incorrect minimum corruption check for activating Going Home With Alicia relationship

Changelog 0.10.0 (27.08.2021)
Added scene “Going Home With Rose 5”
Added scene “Library Club 5”
Added scene “Shopping In Mall 1”
Added scene “Shopping In Mall 2”
Added scene “Evening Chat With Alicia 5”
Added scene “Evening With George 4”
Added scene “Aura Bored At Stuyding 2”
Added scene “Aura Dev 3”
Added mental change “Remove second studying book”
Added mental change “Install social media app”
Added mental change “Appearance change casual clothing”
Added mental change “Ugliness I happiness drain”
Added mental change “Implant Shopping I interest”
Added mental change “Fashion Magazine II”
Added Arwin cellar dungeon maps
Added Arwin celler encounters
Added Arwin cellar loot
Scripted Arwin cellar cut scenes
Scripted Marten join event in cellar
Finished scripting Arwin cellar quest content for Festival of Greed
Added Money Domain 1 map
Scripted Money Domain 1 NPCs
Scripted Money Domain 1 cut-scenes
Scripted Money Domain 1 encounters
Scripted rigged blackjack minigame
Scripted Perika mechanic for Money Domain
Scripted Money domain special skills for Aura/Charlotte/Paul/John
Scripted Counterattack and Protect flag to be compatible
Scripted passive “Useless Knowledge”
Integrated improved Northern Mines vault map
Integrated improved refugee camp cave maps (Thanks to Dragonbait)
Integrated improved northern forest of runes cave maps (Thanks to Dragonbait)
Integrated improved refugee camp houses (Thanks to Dragonbait)
Integrated Shopping Mall map
Increased max Victory Score to 27
Increased max Mental Changes to 37
Added Money Domain 2 map
Added quest “The Price Of Freedom”
Added item “Emerald Tea”
Created curse “Eyes Of Greed”
Integrated new Alicia expressions
Changed color of enabled but not activated happiness sources, drains and play animation on enable
Changed initial Aura bed sheet to red
Removed interim map between bandit camp and world map
Automated release deployment to mixdrop and anonfiles

Reduced required reading progress for all books by 1

Fixed typos and editorial improvments
Fixed incorrect theme when fighting Robert with party members
Fixed passability issues
Fixed inifinite money bug Edwin
Fixed being able to pay merchant in papertrail quest infinitely often


Changelog 0.9.2 (13.08.2021)
Added Rose standing images
No changes
Fixed typos and editorial improvments
Fixed some passability issues in Barracks underground dungeon

Changelog 0.9.1 (07.08.2021)
Implemented Story Mode
Implemented Hide Text plugin to hide message boxes via rightclick / or “H” button
Added send to Clear Room at current end of festival
Added meta information to self made plugins (version, license, link to gitlab)
Generalized event for lighting light sources
Improved positioning of well water bucket in Riverflow
Increased Max MP gain from Mana Capacity training at spellshop to 8
Increased Max MP gain from enhancing with Mutated Spores to 10
Increased Max HP gain from enhancing with Living Heart to 20
Increased Max HP and Corruption gain from drinking Sweet Memories Drug to 15 and 2
Improved an ambush path in Norhern Forest of Runes
Fixed typos and editorial improvments
Fixed passability issues in new maps
Fixed teleport positions when revieweing lewd scenes
Fixed being able to view “Tutoring Alicia 5” before “Going Home With Alicia 4”
Fixed soft-lock when not talking to Demon Worshipper at underground dungeon before Confrontation With Demonworshippers
Fixed double dialogue when talking to Edwin
Fixed consuming Sweet Memories Drug increasing HP when consumed by someone besides Aura
Fixed storage tunnel bandits counting towards necessary bandit kills to free refugee at bandit hideout
Fixed summoned Mature Spides never using Web skill
Fixed some missing or wrong names in text boxes of intro

Changelog 0.9.0 (31.07.2021)

Added scene “Aura Reading 3”
Added scene “Library Club 4”
Added scene “Removing Glasses 1”
Added scene “Removing Glasses 2”
Added scene “Lunchbreak 2”
Added scene “Commuting With George 3”
Added scene “Lunchbreak 3”
Added scene “Tutoring Alicia 5”
Added scene “Aura Dev 2”
Added scene “Going Home With Alicia 4”
Added mental change “Remove Indecency I Happiness Drain”
Added mental change “Celebrity I interest”
Added lewd scene “Dinner With Young Merchant 2”
Integrated illustrations for lewd scene “Ass Groping By Jailer”
Integrated illustrations for lewd scene “Kissing John”
Integrated illustration for lewd scene “Showing Panties to Alchemist”
Added Score 10 bonus CG to recollection room
Integrated new “Central Forest Of Runes” map
Integrated new “Southern Forest Of Runes” map
Integrated new maps for Jacob’s farm and surroundings (Thanks to Dragonbait)
Integrated new Riverflow map (Thanks to Dragonbait)
Integrated new Hidden Cave in Forest of Runes map (Thanks to Dragonbait)
Integrated new world event maps (Thanks to Dragonbait)
Integrated new Trademond interior maps
Integrated new Northern Forest of Runes map
Integrated new Northern Mines Area 1 map
Integrated new Refugee Camp Main Cave map
Integrated new bandit hideout in southern forest of runes maps (Thanks to Dragonbait)
Implemented dialogue for conferring with Desmond
Implemented event for investigating trademond tunnel
Added quest stub “Festival Of Greed”
Added quest “Papertrail”
Added dialogues related to Rosemond and Papertrail quest in Boar Hut
Added some NPCs/Implemented some [TO BE IMPLEMENTED] NPCs in Trademond
Added “Festival of Greed” reactions/dialogue options to some merchants
Added investment option to increase Edwin’s standing
Changed RPGM shadow to texture shadow in FSM maps to be consistently drawn ontop and stop causing passability issues
Added scene for inviting party to “Festival Of Greed” quest
Added Rosemond manion first two floors
Added NPCs/dialogues/scenes for first Festival Day map
Cursed I, II, III now each reduce minimum lewdness 1, 2, 3
Scripted getting favor from Edwin
Added dialogue option at Young Merchant/Edwin to start Festival Day
Increased max lewdness to 22 and max mental changes to 30
Upgraded to RPGMaker 1.3.2
Reduced Barry ATK by 1
Fixed typos and editorial improvments
Fixed Julian not changing directions during first dialogue
Fixed passability issues in new Southern Forest of Runes map
Fixed Vitality Potion and Sweet Memories causing willpower reduction when not used on Aura
Fixed incorrect location when starting young merchant lewd scene from recollection room
Fixed movement desynchronizations when using skip < 10X
Fixed cursed states being applied again at end of day
Fixed some typos and editorial improvements
Fixed various issues with newly integrated maps
Fixed being able to talk to old man from below cliff
Fixed bug in enemy detection plugin that made player detectable when standing at a directionally impassable tile
Fixed being able to investigate tunnel before unlocking the objective
Fixed incorrect checks for Charlotte being out of prison


Changelog 0.8.2 (09.07.2021)
Unmapped Alt button so it longer triggers skipping
Added Cursed I, Cursed II, Cursed III debuffs triggered at 60, 40, 20 willpower
Added max corruption to profile
Changed current willpower to effective willpower in profile
Added special event when having < 2 Corruption on first night
Decreased discount at alchemist to 40%
Fixed typos and editorial improvements
Fixed freeze when trying to remove books from the side
Fixed missing ENHANCED state trigger for Ogre Commander
Fixed collar being shown in portrait when it’s flagged as off
Fixed being able to change shoes before shoe interests
Fixed flavor events in Northern Mines Area 1 updating too late after defeating Spider Queen

Changelog 0.8.0 (26.06.2021)
Added mental changes for unlocking computer and uninstalling FunMaker
Added mental changes for removing braids
Added scene “Sexual Harrassment 1”
Added scene “Aura Reading 2”
Added scene “Tutoring Alicia 4”
Added scene “Aura Going Home Alone 3”
Added scene “Aura Late to School 1”
Added scene “Removing Braids 1”
Added scene “Removing Braids 2”
Added scene “Removing Braids 3”
Added scene “Removing Braids 4”
Added lewd scene “Maid Job 2”
Added event for meeting with Desmond
Added event for reporting investigation results to Desmond
Added event for meeting Julian in underground dungeon in barracks
Added quest stub “Locate the Abductees”
Added tunnel dungeon connecting bandit camp and Trademond
Scripted system for resisting status effects a limited number of times per day
Added skill “Tenacity I”
Added option to learn Tenacity I from Julian
Integrated FSM tileset
Improved mapping of Trademond
Improved mapping of Refugee Camp
Improved mapping of Riverflow
Improved mapping of Atac
Implemented non-corrupt path to gaining entry to Arwin’s study
Implemented investigating Arwin’s study
Scripted dialogue for Desmond and his thugs
Added item “Poison Coating”
Scripted unlocking Poison Coating at worshop level 5 at Alchemist
Added POISON resistance to vermin- and demon-type enemies
Increased victory score max to 24
Increased mental changes max to 28
Paper stack in Aura’s home turns into a magazine stack after “Aura Going Home Alone 3” and “Aura Late to School 1”
Integrated Aura Maid Uniform into Maid Job lewd scenes
Added corruption passive “But It’s So Cute!”
Upgraded to RPGMMZ 1.3.1
POISONED now only lasts for 3 turns
Reduced base price of Blessed Water to 100G but increased it’s price for every day by 2
Reduced POISONED damage to 10% per turn
Fixed inconvenient display location of Aura image in Alchemist lewd scene
Fixed visual glitch with hole in bandit storage tunnel
Fixed incorrect interaction with shoe shelf after mental change
Fixed typo in Alicia and Rose mental world scene
Fixed Forest of Runes being populated before map transition
Fixed EXHAUST state being incorrect added when Rampage I is used as last skill
Fixed various dialogue issues when mixing up orders between Sick Workers / Locate The Abductees / Maid Job 1-2.

Changelog 0.7.2 (11.06.2021)
Integrated new Alicia artwork
Deactivated curse traps after defeating Low-Demon
No changes
Fixed attacker debuffs not being applied when missing
Fixed Maid Job 1 not giving money
Fixed talking to demon worshipper not ticking objective
Fixed incorrect Jump choice labels
Fixed Happiness Drain 1 input 1 using incorrect variable for activation condition
Fixed passability for some food boxes in Refugee Camp Caves
Fixed deadlock caused by incorrect placement of Liliana at confrontation event when not triggering flashback
Fixed starting Feed I and then aborting causing the skill to be marked as used for the day
Fixed first harvest of large Pyromantium block in Northern Forst of Runes giving Ether instead of Pyromantium
Fixed being able to remove interests book while slot is open after removing study book

Changelog 0.7.1 (06.04.2021)
Implemented Soul-Break bad ending triggering NG+ with -75% score penalty and no clear gem or recollection room access
Added dialogue to maids in Arwin mansion
Added minor dialogue variation when doing “Sick Workers” quest after “Maid Job 1” event
Added “Extra Bombs” bonus for NG+
Included CREDITS file in deployment
Included CHANGELOG file in deployment
Replaced chest loot in worshipper hideout: “Rope x 3” -> “Sweet Memories Drug x 1”
Gave “Kissing John” event +1 Cheating
Increased “Ogre Commander” HP by 200 and DEF by 1
Increased “Demonic Knight Robert” HP by 100 and ATK by 1
Fixed various typos
Fixed “Advanced Theory on Magic” being obtainable multiple times
Fixed more passability issues in “Northern Forest of Runes”
Fixed incorrect dialogue name in “Maid Job 1”
Fixed out-of-date gold description for “Lack of Flavor” quest
Fixed door passability issue after “Ass Groping By Jailer” event
Fixed incorrect lewdness check for “Demon Worshipper Handjob” event
Fixed invisible Mutated Hydrangea corpse in Riverflow blocking cut-scene with John
Fixed missing corruption reduction when inserting Alicia into relationships
Fixed “Handing Out Compliments for Shoes” sometimes triggering before buying shoes
Fixed some dialogue inconsistencies when repeatedly talking to UFC soldier in Boar Hut

Changelog 0.7.0 (28.05.2021)

Added scene “Lunch with Librarian 1”
Added scene “Handing out compliments 1”
Added scene “Handing out compliments for no glasses”
Added scene “Handing Out Compliments For Shoes 1”
Added scene “Library Club 3”
Added lewd scene “Maid Job 1”
Added lewd scene “Kissing John”
Added lewd scene “Demon Worshiper Handjob”
Added interaction for inserting “Estrangement I” into happiness drain
Added world event “Confrontation with demon worshipers”
Added area “Forest of Runes: Northern Forest”
Added caves area to northern forest of runes
Added abandoned mine area to northern forest of runes
Added church flavor events (Thanks to Jane Doe)
Added refugee camp caves flavor events (Thanks to Jane Doe)
Added refugee camp food shed flavor events (Thanks to Jane Doe)
Added flavor events for central Forest of Runes (Thanks to Jane Doe)
Added underground dungeon map in Barracks
Added Arwin mansion
Created dialogue for rescued refugee
Integrated new special effects to better distinguish between skills
Added dialogue for Marten
Added item “Formulae Stasis Bomb”
Increased maximum score for bosses to 22
Filtering slime feed dialogue to only show feedable items
Refined Noble Quarter of Trademond
Stopped non-game relevant meta-files from being deployed
Created version number plugin
Added new facial expressions and added them into scenes
Added new (temporary) title screen image
Raised max lewdness to 18
Added NG+ option for inreasing HP/MP
Ether now gives +1 MATK and +1 Max MP
Reduced HP cost of Pierce I to 7
Increased Max MP of Mutated Hydrangeas by 50
Increased probability of Goblin Shaman casting Fire I when ENHANCED
Increased power of Slash I by 25%
Killing Young Spider Queen in vault makes all spiderlings in northern mines disappear
Raised reward for “Lack of Flavor” from 100 to 150 Gold
Raised reward for going out with young merchant from 400 to 500 Gold
Raised bail-costs for Charlotte from 200 to 400 Gold
Raised costs for learning Protect I from 200 to 300 Gold
Added dialogue variation to Ray when dueling after demon worshiper confrontation
Fixed missing event constraint between “Evening Chat with Alicia 3” and “Going Home with Alicia 3”
Fixed map changes after killing goblins forest of runes appearing too soon
Fixed passability issues on Northern Mines 3
Fixed minimum corruption check for shoes appearance mental interaction
Fixed being able to skip reading lewd book with low willpower
Fixed being able to pickup water samples multiple times for sick workers
Fixed expression error when ending first day with lewd book



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