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Raven’s Quest v1.3 Public by PiXel Games, Raven’s Quest is a game about Raven is a witch, but this is the only thing she knows for sure. She finds herself in a world named Lustein, where everyone seems to be extremely lustful. Everyone except a mysterious Order. Help her investigate and explore the world in this RPG, defeating monsters, find new events and customize Raven with lots and lots of different outfits!​

Updated: 2022-01-10
Release Date: 2022-01-10
Developer: PiXel Games Patreon – Twitter
Censored: No
Version: v1.3 Public
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android
Language: English
Other Games: The Wind’s Disciple

2DCG, Adventure, Bestiality, Combat, Corruption, Fantasy, Female domination, Female protagonist, Groping, Monster, Oral sex, Rape, Turn based combat, Voyeurism, Prostitution


Outfits customizable

1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on “Ravensquest.exe” to start playing.
for .7 console commands i made a list of some useful ones

press shift + O to open console command:

Example of how the clotheing commands go:
head_cat = 1
top_cat = 1
bottom_cat = 1
feet_cat = 1

(do above for all of these to enable what you want)
list of clothes:




for hp
max_ep = 4
max_ap = 4
max_fp = 4
max_wp = 4

for money
gold = 1000

– Raven can now walk Sai after adopting him.
– New event when walking Sai. (Requires having certain parameters activated)
– Raven can now explore the deep forest after completing the last dungeon to find someone really close to her home…
– New full scene: ???
– New outfit: Xmas outfit! Obtainable after completing the last dungeon and searching under the christmas tree, in Raven’s home.
– New outfit: Janna. ‘Someone’ will give it to Raven after the second time hanging out.
– New base: Tentacles. Get Raven completely surrounded by tentacles! Obtainable after going to the tentacle cave, in the mountains.
– After reaching Level 11 of exhibithionism, Raven can now take off the top and bottom clothes.
– The ‘egg vibrator’ can now be seen from the front.
– New function: Cheat book. Read the book in Raven’s library to find cheats for the game.
– New cheat: Raven can now ‘cheat’ and get all outfits after completing the last dungeon. Caution, though! Some events might become unavailable after doing so!
– New function: Credits book. The list for our highest Patrons!
– Fixed bug where Sai would appear at home even before adopting him.
– Fixed other bugs.

Changelog 1.2:

– Raven can now adopt the dog she finds at Ashon city’s alleys!
– Raven can interact with her pet at home.
– Raven can now meet Sue after working in the VIP room, in the clantestine club of Ashon city. (After beating the game)
– New outfit: Samus’ bodysuit. Obtainable by buying it from Annie, in the cumlab. (After beating the game)
– New outfit: Half-digested Asuka’s bodysuit. Drop from tentacle monsters in the desert. (After beating the game)
– New hairstyle: Samus. (You can change hairstyles in Pervish)
– New hairstyle: Asuka.
– New nipple piercings: Chain. (You can change piercings in Ashon city)
– Added names to each of Raven’s outfits to find the sets easier.
– Updated the framework. It should fix the errors in Lunara’s mansion and the idol studio in Android devices.
– Fixed some smaller bugs.

– NEW outfit – Jewelry. Obtainable when talking with Lazarus after clearing the ‘End dungeon’ and wearing a revealing and slutty outfit.
– NEW event – Pet the kitten in Ashon city while wearing an elegant yet slutty outfit to start the event.
– NEW outfit – Bad Slut. Obtainable after completing the new event in Ashon city.
– NEW hairstyle (You can change it in Pervish’s hairstyler) – Pink.
– NEW hairstyle (You can change it in Pervish’s hairstyler) – Raven…?
– Remade: Claire’s quest. Raven can now talk with the orc leader without the requirement of giving birth to three orc babies.
– Remade: Mountain’s permit quest. Raven can now seduce the guard when at attitude 7 or more. The guard will give a permit to Raven.
– Remade: Changed the event when losing against a female thug.
– Fixed a bug that could prevent repeating the last dungeon and talking with Lunara to receive the ‘St. Louis’ outfit.
– Fixed some minor bugs and visual glitches.

– New scene: Gangbang
– New character (Lunara): Meet Lunara in the continuation of the main quest!
– New outfit (St. Louis): A gift from Lunara after completing her questline. (Talk to her in the forest)
– New outfit (Reverse Bunny): A gift from a stranger in the clandestine club of Ashon city. (Commissioned by Tylord
– New hairstyle (Zelda): Raven can get new hairstyles in the hair dresser of Pervish.
– New hairstyle (Yoko)
– New place (Pervish): Visit Pervish, north of the desert!
– New main quest: Continue the main quest visiting Pervish. Meet new people, discover new places and see new events!
– New side-event: Raven can now meet Ty while working as a bunny girl in the clandestine club of Ashon city. (Commisioned by Tylord)
– New side-event: Raven can now talk with Elyana and Claire, when having the beast fetish activated, to introduce them to the horses, in Remi’s farm.
– Quality of life: Now it’s easier to travel between places with a new small menu at the right of the screen.

– Raven can now go barefoot!
– Improved the Tale’s men bath scenes.
– Fixed some more bugs.

v 0.1.0

– New default scene: Cowgirl (Back)


– New full scene: Tentacle scene with Elyana.

– New follower quest: Talk with Elyana after clearing Ashon’s dungeon to start a quest!

– New customization: Patrik, the tentacle, can now adopt a new form after completing Elyana’s quest!

– New follower appearance: You can change the aspect of Elyana after completing her quest in her follower’s button.

– New place: Tentacle cave. Visit as many times as you want after completing Elyana’s quest.

– New side-event: Raven can now drink at Tale’s tavern to get a new side-event

– New side-event: Raven can now visit the men baths, in Tale.

– New side-event: Raven can find four young adventurers when exploring the Ashon Plains at night and when she’s a succubus.

– New outfit (Peach?): A man will appear when exploring the streets of Ashon City, after clearing its dungeon. Find him to have a chance at getting this outfit.

– New outfit (Mega-Slut!): Bella will have a new gift for Raven after visiting the men baths.

– New tattoos: Two new tattoos have been added to the tattoo parlor, in Ashon City. (For Raven’s backside)

– New cosmetic – Piercings: Raven can now get nipple piercings at the tattoo parlor, in Ashon City.

– Raven can now get more dominant or more submissive at the Black Stone, in the forest.

– Fixed some bugs.



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