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Paradise Heights v1.12.0 Public by Sinspirational Games, Paradise Heights is a game interactive erotic fiction focusing on the themes of seduction and transformation. You’ve accepted the job of a lifetime in a mysterious and luxurious new high-rise. You’ll meet a cast of fully-fleshed characters, be able to explore their needs and desires, and — if they pay the price — fulfill them. With power comes risk: your new ‘boss’ has made clear that there are penalties for failure, and not everyone wants you to succeed.​

Updated: 2022-03-21
Release Date: 2022-03-21
Developer: Sinspirational Games Patreon
Censored: No
Version: v1.12.0 Public
OS: Windows, Online
Language: English
Big ass, big tits, fantasy, female domination, futa/trans, male protagonist, management, monster, monster girl, sissification, transformation,

– Extract to desired location.
– Run.
v1.11.0 Public
Avery Arrives – The Sin of Greed has finally arrived in Paradise. Discuss matters with Lazren’s brother and see what he thinks about your little operation. If you’re truly impressive, you might find that industry brings certain rewards, while those who barely struggle over the finish line might receive an interesting offer…. and those who don’t finish at all may find that he will finish them instead.

Chapter 3 Begins – A new plotline begins in Paradise. It turns out there’s more to Lazren’s plans for you than she first admitted. The stakes are higher, and the path not quite so straight-forward. Will you play your political cards correctly? Look forward to future updates expanding this as Paradise Inc continues to grow.

Reactivity Increase – Recruited characters will now react to the changing of the chapters, and will comment about current events. The are new comments for every character in Paradise!

Revamped Advanced PDA – The ‘Advanced’ view of the PDA has been expanded to show much, much more of the behind-the-scenes statistics for those of you wanting to fine-tune your efficiency and progress, and see all the goodies in one convenient place.

Additional Duo Scenes – A near miss on the vote doesn’t mean we never expand! Gym-goers might run into some fun with a submissive Mason and Dana; while Dominant Mason prefers to spend his time in Inferno with the twin Selenes. Our favorite giantess naga has been spending some hours in the park for our resident Siren, and may also be more than happy to have company as well!


  • Fixed a potential game breaker where Dominant Mason triggering in the morning could trap the player in their bedroom with no way to advance to the Samantha/Mason scene.
  • Fixed a display issue with foci cost in Petra’s transformation.


  • Fixed several instances where the MC would be addressed with variables.
  • Fixed an issue that caused two scenes to play on top of one another when Dominant Mason invited Samantha to your room
  • Fixed an issue where accessing Submissive Mason’s intimate scene directly from R&D resulted in a blank page, or the wrong scene playing.


  • More typos
  • Informed Lazren that she shouldn’t call you ‘daughter’ when you’re male.
  • Took a course on investment banking (fixed serious error with ‘Dividends’ mode)
  • Restored proper space/time continuum in Elysium. Working there now advances time normally.
  • Patched in a missing variable for banked Energy bonus
  • Restored the character customization “quick access” link in the left pane, which somehow mysteriously disappeared between 1.8.1 and 1.8.2. *cough*Cambion*cough*

v1.7.0 Public

New Character: Sara
– Sara has been added as a recruitable character. She can be met in the Casino in the afternoon or evening after the player has introduced themselves to Mammon.
– Pre-Transformation Sara’s only location is the Casino, but she has both an ‘on duty’ and an ‘off duty’ mode. Your first two encounters will see you meet her in both of these modes, after which you can talk to her ‘on duty’ persona in the afternoon, and find her ‘off duty’ in the evenings. The ‘on duty’ conversations lead to the Magician path, while the ‘off duty’ conversations lead to the Kitsune option.
– Regardless of form, Sara can be found in the Casino after transformation. She’ll be running a stage show as your magician, or running a small bar at the kitsune.
– Sara is currently not available for the ‘Date night’ romance events.


Casino Work Scenes
– With the addition of a character to the Casino comes the option to supervise there. Update 1.7.0 comes with 7 new scenes: 3 scenes unlocked with the building, an additional 2 if you have purchased the casino upgrade, and one each for Sara’s new forms.

Assorted Bug Fixes and Improvements
-As always, we’ve been looking over the code and making adjustments to anything out of place. Stability and fewer typos are always good!

Bug Fixes
– A considerable number of lingering bugs and broken panes have been fixed. Special thanks to Goctionni from the TGGameSite Discord server for providing us with a Twine Validator of his own design, which really aided us in tracking down these persistent little gremlins in the code.

Tower Disasters
Beginning a week after Lazren’s return and approximately every 2 weeks after that, the tower will begin to exhibit a few odd behaviors. It is, after all, still learning and part of that learning is going to be screwing up from time to time. That is perfectly understandable for most people, but when most of your employees screw up they can’t reverse gravity inside the building or accidentally fill it with giant rats!

Not to worry. Mason has the fixes well in hand. You could stay with him and put things back in order with only a minimal hit to your energy, or you can take the opportunity to get away from the tower for a little R&R. That’s the easy question, but the far harder question is…who will you take with you?

Each disaster carries with it an opportunity to take one of your transformed employees (Samantha, Damien, Jolie, Cassandra, Petra, or Xavier) out on a date. Each character has prepared content for two trips out away from the tower, and the second will introduce a plot thread for the character’s eventual romance path. When you reach the second date with the character, a warning will appear for the end of content and the second date will replay when chosen for all future dating opportunities.

– There is not currently any penalty for going on dates with multiple employees, as none of the content finishes a romance path. This being a very odd workplace, most of the your employees are open-minded, but once things escalate select characters may be a little more possessive of you.


– Petra’s transformation path will unlock for those who have both finished her storyline by working in security at night (i.e. you unlocked her intimate menu), and have also captured and transformed Xavier successfully. About a week after those two events have both occurred, the player will be interrupted by Petra during the normal course of play. Once Petra reveals the nature of her desire, Mason will once again be able to provide options to fulfill it.


– Players who have built Elysium (whether or not Xavier is a dryad) will be able to gift Petra with a Siren transformation.

– Players who have built Inferno (whether or not Xavier is a vampire) will be able to welcome Petra into the ranks of the Drow.

– After transformation, Petra will still work the evenings in the Security Office. However, the Drow form can be found in Inferno in the morning, enjoying a quiet moment before the place opens, and the Siren form can be found swimming in Elysium in both the morning and the afternoon.

– In addition to the regular scenes, Siren Petra features a unique scene variation for submissive males, while Drow Petra has a special scene for submissive futanari characters. Combined with JJ’s unique female scene, we now have 1 special scene for each of the three PC sexes. Both will also have an additional potential work scene interacting with Xavier/Xun if they share a location.


Hola everyone!


Luciana and I have been working hard on patch 1.4.0, our ‘Gender Patch’. Although this patch was extremely focused on one main aspect — adding the male and female genders to the game — it has been probably the largest update we’ve ever done. Every line of text needed to be re-read, evaluated, and adjusted to suit our new system. It’s been a lot of work, but we’re almost there!

Patch 1.4.0 will be released to our Patreon backers on Friday, August 14th. As always this will be an early preview build, so while we hope to squash as many bugs as possible between now and release, there may still be a few areas where the new genders aren’t quite firing correctly. This makes public release for the patch August 28th, when we will release the new content to all players.

So what’s in the patch?

Well, obviously: new genders! You can now choose to begin your game as either completely male, completely female, or the ‘original’ succubus form, and play that way from the beginning. For those with existing games, Lazren will teach you the secrets of changing sex when you meet her again in Chapter 2… presuming you passed your review! Once you reach Chapter 2, you will be able to freely adjust both your physical sex and your coloration to your liking. Take a look in the mirror — you might like what you see.

All existing scenes and conversations have been tweaked (some lightly, and some significantly) to show off all three player genders. Some are essentially the same scene with an eye toward not mentioning anatomy you don’t possess, others diverge into somewhat different acts or attitudes, and JJ features a brand new scene for Dominant Females only. We plan on introducing more unique gender scenes in future updates now that we have the coding in place.

Speaking of Chapter 2: you can now skip directly to Chapter 2, should you so choose to. Taking the ‘shortcut’ has some advantages (like, not having to play through content you’ve already seen before), but it also comes with some limitations. You can choose to build two locations and transform two people: the bare minimum to meet Lazren’s requirements. Playing the game through ‘the right way’ might get you more than that, but this IS a shortcut!

Reading through everything also gave us an excuse to do some pretty significant editing to existing content. We found and corrected over 150 typos, a handful of genuine bugs, and did some basic cleanup in various areas. Hopefully this will result in a smooth, better experience for all of our existing work.

Future Plans

In terms of future plans, Patch 1.5.0 should be a smaller, quicker patch that focuses on Petra’s ultimate fate in Paradise Heights, and will feature her gaining two full transformation options (Siren and Drow). On August 31st we’ll also be putting up our next content poll for patch 1.6.0 after Petra, so be sure to look for that after our public release of this patch.

As always, we can’t emphasize enough how much we appreciate your backing for our little project. We’ve been growing and growing, and we hope you’ll continue to join us in this endeavor for a long time to come.

Happy Hunting!



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