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Happy Summer v0.4.0 by Caizer Games, Happy Summer is about this game is about a 37yo man, who lives in a big house with Rosie (daughter) and Lucy (sister). Rosie is a 19yo beautiful blonde. She tries to write stories and maybe someday she will be able to write a book. Her mother left her 4 years ago and now you need to take care of her as never before. Also, soon Lucy will come to your house and you will have a lot of fun with her and with other characters in the city. The high quality of the graphics, gameplay and story will not leave you indifferent.​

Updated: 2021-12-13
Release Date: 2021-12-13
Developer: Caizer Games Patreon
Other Games: My Lovely Sara
Censored: No
Version: v0.4.0
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English
Genre: 3DCG, Male protagonist, Romance, Incest

1. Extract and run.
Added 2 animations.
Added 1 event for Mika


  • Added 1 event for Rosie.
  • Added 4 animations.
  • New system for available events.

(Now you can see exclamation mark in relationship menu on each character if you can start new event)

  • Gallery fix for previous update.
  • Fixes for some relationship issues.

(To be guaranteed not to be missed some events – better to start a new game)

  • Other bug fixes.

Tokie level 4

Added 1 event for Rosie.
Added 1 event for May.
Added 1 event for Mika.

Added 3 pages for saving/loading slots (5 in total).
Added 2 dialogs.
Added 1 event with Lucy.
Added 2 events with May.
Added new music.
Gallery fix for previous update.
Other Bug fixes.

Added 6-8 animations.
Added 4 events for Lucy.
Fixed a lot of text issues.
Other Bug fixes.

Added new character May.
Added new location Hospital.
Added 2 events for May.
Added 1 animation.
Added 1 event for Mika.
Added new page for saving/loading slots.
Some gallery fixes.
Other Bug fixes.

Added 4 new events for Mika.
Bug fixes.
Added in 0.3.3 a “Free” game mode for starting the game. This mode for those who don’t want to worry about their needs, mood and have no money limit. I hope it’s can help some players who don’t want to spend a lot of time and want take the same progress. I know some players don’t want to start the game again and again, so… hope it helps^^

Added 4 events for Mika.
Added new place Hotel.
Game size optimization.
Bug fixes.

Added 3 events for Rosie.
Added 1 event for Lucy.
Bug fixes.

Added character icons to the map.
(Now you can see where each character in each time of the day)
Added 2 events for Mika.
Added new style of Mika to the Library.
Bug fixes.


– Added gallery to the main menu.
(First you need to open your save and go to the main menu, now it’s updated)


– Added 2 events with Mika.
– Added new dialog with Mika.
– Bug fixes.

Added 2 events with Lucy.
Added 1 event for Rosie.
Bug fixes.



  • Added event for Lucy at lvl 2.
  • Added Park location on the map.
  • Added new music.
  • Added event with Lucy for reaching lvl 3.
  • Bug fixes.
Dev Notes
Regarding updates for Happy Summer
Hey again!
I think about how I need update Happy Summer in the future and thats some changes what you can expect:
* Now I can give dates for next updates (You can see already next date for release 0.1.1).
* This updates must be every month.
* Updates must be smaller than for example I do it for MLS before, but it’s because I have less time for make it and have a lot better quality for stuff and must adhere to this quality standard.
That’s it for now^^
Unofficial walkthrough HS 0.3.0 – 0.3.9
Unofficial walkthrough HS 0.3.0 – 0.3.9

Early day – mika in library at bookcase
Early morning – mika in library, give $ 2500
A few days later Mika calls
Go to library and talk to Mika
Evening – to Hotel room Mika (little secret about rosie)

talk to Rosie in her room
After that just sleep and go outside your room Rosie will surprise you.

Go to Hotel Mika, go walk to park, kiss
Go to library and have a chat whit Mika

Mika library
Mika home, kissing (level 2 mika)
Mika library kiss en talk
Mika library kiss

Mika evening apartement – hiding from her mother – kiss – offer to buy yoga mat
Next morning go to PC, buy yoga mat – no internet connection
Go to basement – wake up with Rosie and Lucy in hospital – kisses – meet May – go home
Go to hospital and ask for May (2nd may event)

join lucy in bath in the morning
join lucy watching tv late at night, living room
go to kitchen the day lucy is in home (after other scenes) then go to her room (Level 4 Lucy)
repeat bath in the morning if you want

Rosie in her bedroom, ask for May
Lucy in her bedroom, ask for May
The next day Lucy calls you and says that May sometimes goes to the park
Go to the park when May is there, follow to her house
Next day go to her house (bottom right of the map)

May in the park in the evening
Rosie batroom in the morning showering fingerjob and handjob together
Office, buy yoga mat $250
Mika, go to her apartment in the evening, just got out of the shower

Go to the bathroom early in the morning for HJ with Rosie until you reach level 4 80%. The next morning, going to the bathroom again for BJ.

Mika, go to her apartment in the evening, eat and pussy lick

late morning go to cafe talk to mary about job for may
In the afternoon, go to May (bottom right of the map) and talk about job
when you sleep well you get a message from May that she has a job
In the afternoon go to apartment Mika, there you will find letter, take it home and then short conversation with Rosie



Download For Win
Download For Mac
Download For Android (v0.3.8)
Download For Compressed Win (v0.3.9)(289 MB)
MEGA MIXDROP *This compression is unofficial. Compressing process reduces image/audio/video quality and can break the game, be aware of that.
Download For Compressed Mac (v0.3.9)(255 MB)
MEGA MIXDROP *This compression is unofficial. Compressing process reduces image/audio/video quality and can break the game, be aware of that.



Download For Walkthrough (HS 0.3.0)


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