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Goblin Layer v0.36.7 by Parodos, Goblin Layer is a game about a man on a mission to wipe out every goblin nest (and with a serious goblin fetish) arrives in a frontier town… where all the men have all mysteriously gone missing, and all the women are becoming increasingly horny.

Will he ever be able to form normal human relationships with the thirsty townswomen, or will he lose himself to thicc goblin girls?

A spicy YouTuber actually showed off this game: Goblin Slayer would love this thicc Goblin BREEDING RPG – YouTube

(The first screenshot is a pretty good summary of the story so far)​.

Updated: 2022-04-03
Release Date: 2022-04-03
Developer: Parodos Patreon Itch.io Twitter
Censored: No
Version: v0.36.7
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux
Language: English
Genre: Male Protagonist, Male domination, Ahegao, Creampie, Vaginal sex, Groping, Cheating, Big tits, Big ass, Humor, Adventure, Fantasy, Animated, Teasing, Spanking, Parody

1. Extract and run.
– Run the game
0.36.7 Frontier Conquest II-Edition


Swamp Witch/Poison Seller with CG

Added some extra CG of Priestess/Anvil/Barrel at the beginnning of the Amazon quest.

A trader from a land far to the south appears… (w CG)

Some homecooked battlebacks (the background during fights)

Updated 2d tileset. Actually I think I did this in a previous version but forgot to mention it.

Added plugin that should make the loading/transistions between CG images smoother.


Four Frontier Conquest mission added! Clear an area from monsters/outlaws and get access to new characters/items/bonuses. It’s gonna be a small side-hustle to the real story.

New merchants

Finished adding the current Quests to the Quest log.

Polished some Maps

Adjusted some quest dialogue to make it a bit clearer

Added in number ‘pop-ups’ for healing, magicka etc

Better shop item info

Rebalancing of weapons/armor

Cleaned up some outdated item descriptions

Cleaned up some obsolete items

Updated hall of fame

Updated Cheat Room


Fixed some stats not getting set up the proper way when using chapter select

Fixed a quest Journal bug showing the wrong the quest

Fixed a wrong variable triggering when finishing Goblina’s quest

Fixed a wrong variable triggering during Goblina’s quest

Fixed some dissapearing labels

Removed plugin that caused black screen for some players

Fixed player not getting proper amount of xp/skills when using chapter select

Added some sidequest variables that were missing when using chapter select

Fixed some wrong variables (for quest/dialogue) triggering when using chapter select

Fixed bug that caused the player to get stuck in Town Hall during Xmas Quest – thanks Steritz!

Fixed bug that caused the player to get stuck in Cottage upper floor

v0.36.5 Thighs-Edition



The Story Continues…
New (lewd) animations & CG – Goblin Layer encounters a bandit (who didn’t skip leg day)
A certain government official shows up for a quick visit
Some outlaws try to unionize
Goblin Layer acquires some Free Real estate, except its not free
Adjusted some sprites
Anvil (Elfu) model made slightly thiccer (still flat do not panic)


Chapter Selection system at the beginning of the game lets you skip to certain points in the story
Made more progress on the Quest Journal
Skill/Enemy balancing
More combat music variation
New lootable items


There were some, but I honestly forgot what it was. I need to write this stuff down the moment I do it.

What’s Next?

Adding in some extra CG & polishing, that got left out from 0.36.5 due to time restraints.
In the Capital, there’s rumors of Goblins beneath the City… Church Maiden has a request for Goblin (S)Layer.
Making the Cottage liveable again.
Frontier Conquest – Secure/Clear areas on the map – occupied by Bandits/Monsters – and make them safe for people to live in. These people will offer new items, services and maybe something more? Kinda like when you clear a settlement in the W*tch*r 3. Except more low-budget.
A catgirl?
Romance Cards are all the rage in the Capital at the moment… bet this trend will arrive in the frontier soon.

0.36.3 Next Update will be the Story update – Edition

This update ‘lays’ (get it?) down the foundation for the upcoming story update!

The changelog is a bit long, so get your reading glasses.


Shorter loading times during Gobiscca’s scenes

Polished some CG, removed clipping etc

Fixed up two animations that had some clipping/light issues. (added these to the previous ver as well)

Remade & upgraded the old CG for Priestess and MC – better light, environment, texture and so on

New “jiggle” animation for Bath Girl!

Testing out some upscaled sprites for combat!


Better options menu

Added option to Change Keyboard layout in options

Added option to Change text speed in options

Added option to Change combat animation speed in option

Added option to Edit a bunch of other options, if want to know which options, your only option is to check the game options.

A. Got rid of the old Quest Log plugin – it wasn’t bad, but would likely break your saves whenever I added a new quest – a bit annoying right?

B. Thus: Started building my own homebrewed Quest Log system! It will be more compatible with future updates! It’s not finished yet, added the structure and some placeholder art, will fix it up for the story update.

Animated cat sprite in Potion shop – not really important but its cute

New/better enemy variation – Hobgoblins, shamans – new sprites & skills

New skills for some of the party members

Randomized loot – currently gold – in the future I’ll add item loot randomization as well

More interactive lootable objects – check that barrel!

Item pop-ups

Tileset improvments

Updated light effect plugin/adjusted lightning

Some cutscenes have been made more “cinematic” (cinematic bars)

Better item descriptions – re-added

Behind the scenes optimization and clean-up of the game

Updated Credits (Town Hall)


Fixed bathgirl CG showing up at the wrong time

Fixed not being able to quit dialogue at general goods girl by right clicking

Also thanks again to qwertz7654321 the bug fixing hero:

-Fixed Collision Stuff

-Fixed Misplaced Tiles

-Fixed Cleanup of small (item) events

-Fixed Invisible Walls

-Fixed and Polished Gobsicca’s event a lot!

– Fixed Npcs blocking pathways

And more…

0.36.2 Everyone’s doing HD remakes – Edition

Remade multiple animations and CGs for Goblin – better lightning, texture, everything. It should now be more consistent with the rest of the art.
(Priestess/MC CG still needs to updated – I’ll fix it next update)
Added ‘Bust’ CG for Armor Shop girl & General Goods girl.
Updated Goblina’s scenes in cave – was still using old frameworks/methods
Tested AI(?) frame interpolation to make existing animations smoother. Only drawback is a an increase in size.

Battle in intro cave is a bit quicker
Currently rebalancing how the combat works , making it more tactical. Combat is not the main focus of the game, but it’s there so it should be as interesting as possible. Step one is bigger enemy variations and different skills being more/less effective against certain enemies.
Rebalanced the overkill function a bit.
Rewrote the taunts a bit.
Faster resting at Farm girls place

Fixed weird bug that made the “smith girl” text appear all over the church
Fixed Church Maiden sprite appearing even though the church is supposed to be empty
Fixed some camera issues

Behind the Scenes
Done a lot of work on the next storyline, new areas, characters (lewd), dialogue, enemies and so on. So the next story should be out this month – February. Plot: Goblin Layer is on the lookout for some new real estate. The gang sets out to deal with a bandit that didn’t skip leg day. An old enemy shows up for a quick visit. As expected, things do not go as expected.

Spent a time on upscaling/updating/upgrading/uplifting/upending my assets. Y’know textures for hairs, skins, clothes and so on. It will pay off in the future.

Also, as you may have noticed (or not) the game uses compressed art at the moment. Gonna have a poll on the patreon later on to see if people wanna go back to uncompressed, or if this is fine.

0.36.1 Ara Ara Edition


Sorceress Titjob, talk about fluids after 3rd dungeon (animated)
Compressed all the images with pngquant. Small difference in quality. Big difference in size. Still got the originals of course. Gonna try compressed for a while, then poll on the patreon.
Short Cutscene – NTR goblin’s adventure continues.
Short Cutscene – Goblin’s getting along (Visit the goblin cave)
Resized the Xmas xxx animations, turns out they were the wrong size. Oops.
Testing a new look for the World Map*
Testing a new look for the tileset*
* (It’s back to normal again in the early access version lol)

Changed a some sound effects for a better experience
Added latest bathgirld & blondie scene (armor shop girl) to cheat room
Farm girl’s milking scene accessible slightly earlier than before
Combat – Turn order displayed
Combat – Barrel’s attacks are Area of Effect instead of random now. The targeting is a bit wack at the moment, but I’m gonna fix the hitboxes ’til next time.
Combat – Overkill gold & xp bonus, if doing way more damage than needed to kill an enemy. (usually happens if Goblin Layer finishes them off). Needs some finetuning.

Farm dialogue trigger when it shouldn’t.

0.36 tfw when no brown tomboy gf edition

New Scene with Bath Girl! Also changed her hair to a better quality model.
‘Bust’ CG for Smith girl.
Polished some CG.

I’m remaking how a bunch of variables and triggers for scenes work. This isn’t really something that’s noticable ingame though. But, If the latest bath girl scene doesn’t trigger, there’s some saves in the game folder you can use.

Thanks again to qwertz7654321!

Tilesets/Collision Stuff
Invisible Walls
Misplaced Tiles
Cleanup of small (item) events
renamed2 / 3 new maps
put it in the fast travel points that were missing areas
Worldmap Adjustment of Events
Worldmap Displayed name /how to interact
Main Village-Fast Travelpoints
Main Village-Debug Statue
Main Village-Corrected Smoke
Maiden label
Weapons & Armor Lights
Farm-NPC Blocking entrance/exit
Farm-moved Tiles
Farm-changed bed it would reset cowevents if used
FarmInside-> FarmInside Upper
Farm Girl’s Barn-Exit
Areas i spent a bit more time in:
Grinder-Events Interaction/Displayed Img/ Below other Tiles
Grinder-Changed the Fountain (looks different)
Grinder-Doors Img displayed/interaction
Grinder-Only Spawning Party Members the Player has met
Grinder-changed the return priest event(she was still losable)
And a lot of other things.

v0.35.9 Pantsu – Edition
New Scene with Armor Shop Girl (Blondie)!
Bar Girl got a new haircut/new renders. according to patreon poll and perhaps some bribes. Discovered when testing, that her hair model would cause clipping/trouble during animation. Sadly she is just too thicc for long hair. This is the reason for the change.
Added ‘Bust’ CG for Sorceress, Farm Girl and Church Maiden
Smoother image transitions for some scenes. Something else that is smooth, is my brain. I didn’t realize you could fade in/out images until I made the Xmas Special.

Better item stat descriptions
Updated hall of fame
Updated cheat room
Compressed some audio, a bit more room for animations instead :)

Fixed Church Maiden Bust getting stuck on screen (in a bad way)
Very big thanks to qwertz7654321 who fixed pretty much all of the stuff below. Really helps a time-deficient dev out.

— Cheatroom fixes —
Bathg 1&2, CGgirl replaced with their updated scenes (gets rid of missing picture errors)
Fix for Gobelle some scene not playing correctly
Fix for scenes disappearing after you played them
walking on/into walls
dark backgrounds added
Labels disabeled before or enabled after scenes correctly
Fix for NPCs blocking exits/entrace
Fix for getting stuck behind houses
invisible walls
Collition to stuff that should have it like backsite of a bench, trees, waterpump…
Fix for SE chest wrong amount
Little layout change for cheatroom
–Xmas-Event fixes–
Fix for Winterfarmgirl
Fix for wintermaintown west teleport
Fix for Taking the “Winebottle” in santas room
->all of them “broke” the event bc they return the player to the NON-winter village and are fixed
–Worldmap Fixes–
Fix for some collision/shadows on the world map
Walk in goblinetts cave (v2&v3) instead of “click” in

v0.35.8 Happy New Year-Edition

All ‘butt’ a few new renders of Town Hall Girl
Uno new render for Gobiscca, standing cowgirl or whatever its called
Added replayable animations for Gobelle in Cave
Added replayable ‘finish’ anim for Gobsicca in Cave
Added Xmas Special finale scene to Cheat room

Added revisitable Abandoned Fort Exterior area (3rd dungeon)
Updated Hall of Fame

Fixed Goblina’s scenes in Cheat room not working properly
Fixed some small problems with Farm Girl bathing scene in cheat room

I also remember fixing some other stuff, but I don’t remember what, so it was probaby nothing important.

What’s up
Gonna focus on continuing the main story this month, these kind of updates takes a bit longer than the others, but should be done before end of January, and I’ll probably have time for a small update as well. Maybe two.’

(0.35.7) Xmas Special!
I think it’s still in time for Russian Xmas?

The adventure starts in the Town Hall, there’s a table with some green Xmas shit on it + a candle. Click on that.
Should be a screenshot in the game folder showing it. Unless I forgot.

It’s the end of the year and Goblin Layer is more broke than ever.
The gang sets out on a winter adventure to the far North, where something just ain’t right.

New CG and animations
New goblin
Boat/Cart travel cutscenes
Finland added to Goblin Layer lore

Changed knockout effect sound
A few new sound effects
Christmas decorations
Temporary new menu, world and combat music
Rebalanced some combat stats
A small port town + shop added
New combat items
New edible items
Some new types of enemies
A winter version of Hubtown & Farm Girl’s farm
Can re-visit burnt elven fort after quest
New password for Cheat room

Fixed missing image during burnt down fort cutscene
Fixed 3rd Farm girl scene from disappearing in cheat room
Fixed Farm girl blocking door after fence quest
Fixed Grinder exit (walk to the edge of the map instead of clicking on the edge of the map)
Fixed some missing sound effects
Thanks qwertz7654321 & gang for finding ’em.


v0.35.5 Shitload of Fixes-edition



Added Town Hall Girl 3d CG, added small intro scene + “bust”

Added Gobiscca headpat scene (lewd)

Tested using frame interpolation to make one animation smoother, it worked fairly well

Edited the ‘bust’ art for Gobelyne, there was a seam at the bottom of the screen

Edited General Goods “discipline” scene to work with better with the new art


Additional Sound fx to Grindr area

Additional Sound fx to Cheat Room

Additional Sound fx during repeat milking

Added “Got milk” message after repeat milking

Additional *Smack* sound during General Goods refund scene

Fancier camerawork in intro Cave

(A little) Fancier camerawork in intro Cave

Added Speech/Expression bubbles during in Cave

Added Birb to farm

Edited some dialogue options for Goblinette

Added mead and stuff that can be bought in the Inn

Updated Town Hall silver Credits


Fixed name labels showing up during scene in Cheat room

Fixed some typos

Fixed (un?)dead goblin standing up in intro cave

Fixed “not here either” dialogue showing up in farm even though the related quest was over

Fixed invisible farm girl after fence repair side quest

Fixed repeated hammer breaking

Fixed General Goods + Smith hammer scene repeating

Fixed General Goods “discipline” scene missing art

Fixed Smith sprite walking around during scene

Fixed Goblina standing image showing up during animation

Fixed Rooftop chest outside 3rd dungeon not being accessible

Fixed Milk having a chicken club icon lol

Fixed some inconsistent dialogue windows during cowgirl milk scene

Remaking how I use variables to trigger scenes and shit, to a slightly less stupid system. Not really something you will notice in-game, but its necessary making more complicated quests involving more characters. It will also make it easier for me to implement a chapter select feature.

v0.35 De-Fence-Edition


New small scene with Farm Girl!
Bath sprite for Farm girl.
New scene with General Goods Girl!
Upgraded all of General Good Girls old art + her outfit!
I haven’t had a lot free time lately, so I haven’t been able to playtest so much. Didn’t even have time for a custom title screen for 0.35.
Let me know (preferably in the discord) if there are any problems. I will have it fixed as soon as possible. I’m gonna update the quest log later as well.
The scenes can be started after the third dungeon & if you’ve milked Farm Girl in the Barn.
Behind the scenes – I’m restructuring how I make quests, so you might experience a few bugs, such as being able to repeat some scenes. I recommend doing the scene with smith girl from 0.34 before the new scene with Farm Girl.

Improved the aesthetic of some maps a lil bit
New music note icon for dialogue.

Bug fixes
Fixed some headpat related issues

Whats happening with the game recently, and what will happen

Working on xxxmas special, lets see if there’s a christmas miracle and I manage to finish it in December…
After the christmas special I’m gonna focus on continuing the main story. Goblin Layer HQ + Amazon (not the company)(not the car either)(not the rainforest either) + Totally-Not-Watertown.
Yes, there will be pregnancy eventually. Story just needs to progress a bit first.
High quality memes got posted on the discord.
Do you remember those cards from Witcher 1? The one’s you got after ‘romancing’ someone. I want to add something similiar.

0.34 Hammertime-Edition


New Scene with Smith Girl! Animations! (talk to her after the 3rd dungeon with Gobsicca + after she has repaired your helmet).
Upgraded Smith Girls intro art while I were at it.
Added Town Hall Girl 3d bust. Actually forgot add Town Hall Girl 3d bust

Improved the aesthetic of some maps a lil bit
New town soundtrack, gonna move away a bit from the standard rpgmaker ost
Added/changed some more sound effects here and here, makes a bigger difference than one might think tbh
Adjusted some collision
Updated cheat room

I don’t remember, so probably nothing important.

—Whats happening with the game at the moment—
Next update: New small scene with Farm Girl + New scene with General Goods girl.
Working on continuing the main storyline soon-ish. Enter: Goblin Layer HQ + Amazon (not the company)(not the car either)(not the rainforest either)
Yes, there will be pregnancy eventually. Story just needs to progress a bit first.
High quality memes got posted on the discord.
Celebrating over 200* patrons by letting ’em suggest some scenes for the game. Will have a poll later
Working on xxxmas special, lets see if there’s a christmas miracle and I manage to finish it in December…
Do you remember those cards from Witcher 1? The one’s you got after ‘romancing’ someone. I want to add something similiar.
*Not actually over 200 anymore lol – Always a drop in numbers at the end of each month – still gonna celebrate tho.

v0.33 Sigma Grindset (plus bug fixes) – Edition


Remade/upgraded Goblina’s foreplay art with better light/quality/posing/post/etc. Anims not remade yet, and some other stuff.
Different versions of Goblina foreplay scenes, during the quest and later in the cave.
Upgraded Goblins Layer’s helmet textures, very important.
Added New goblin(woman) with new animated scene! (Look for Grindr on the world map)(it’s not what it sounds like)
Compressed a few renders that was unnecessarily large.

Adjusted some dialogue with Gobelyne
Added some sound effects

Health potions heal more
Some new restorables/healing items added & new merchant
Indroducing Grindr (it’s not what it sounds like)
Grandma in the main town gives you hints & can change your game/movement speed (If you go way too fast you might break some stuff tho).
Made scene skipping fireplaces more visible. Added option to skip 3rd/Gobsicca dungeon.
Milking cowgirl gives you uh… milk

World map cosmetic changes
Added some sound effects
Added small sum hidden gold outside grindr
Updated silver adventurer hall of fame (credits)
Updated Cheat room

Fixed milk icon
Fixed cheat room door blackscreen
Sometimes anim randomly freezes, but the scene can still continue, currently looking into it.
Buy/Sell button is back again!

Fixed Goblin Layer’s equpment slots.
Fixed some bugged dialogue with Gobelyne
Fixed bug with goblins not respawning in grindr
Fixed bug with treasure not respawning in grindr
Fixed bug when image doesnt dissapear after scene
Replaced bugged treasure chests

—Coming Soon(tm)—
Remaking the rest of Golbina’s renders including animations. Animations and stuff tend to be a little more complicated.

In-game collectible character cards, like a bio/profile or pinup or whatever it’s called

Near Future story events: Goblin Layer will encounter an bandit-ette, and set up a new base of operations, that can be upgraded. The townswomen are becoming hornier. Hanging out with the party members. Once the new base is in place & maybe one more goblingirl dungeon is done, I’m gonna start working on preg gobs.

Try to upgrade nw.js + pixi for better performance, the problem is that certain versions are incompatible with certain plugins, so I need to experiment a bit and see what works.

v0.32 Questin’ Edition
Saves before 0.32 will probably cause trouble with the quest log. HOWEVER! I have included a save for 0.32 with the main quests completed, for your conveniance. I can’t spell that word, but you know what I mean. See attached files at the bottom of this main post.

Added replayable anim to Gobsicca (biz goblin) in the goblin harem cave
Added replayable anim to Goblina (goblin shaman) in the goblin harem cave
Improved dialogue, text & sound effects to make the Gobsicca + Child Support Succubus scenes flow better
Improved a little dialogue for a Farm girl scene

Updated cheat room
Changed cheat room password to a shorter word
Updated credits/hall of fame
Quest log finally added! Simple at the moment, but off to a good start!
Adjusted some some sound fx
Upgraded vplayer to 1.3

Fixed double sprite of Goblin Girl, probably
Fixed 3rd dungeon backtracking leading to black screen
Fixed some typos/grammar
Fixed repeated sniffing
Fixed clipping through a table in the inn
Fixed a buggy trigger in Gosicca’s dungeon, that would cause freezing if you hit it twice
Fixed Gobsicca a.k.a business goblins name tag
Fixed a bug that caused the milking scene to repeat the wrong version of the scene
Got a report that cheat room keyboard text input didn’t work on mobile. I have added a folder called ‘optional fixes’ in the game folder. You can use the file there to revert to basic screen text input, which hopefully works on mobile. Instructions in the folder.
In the same folder, there is a also a file that can fix video/anim crashes related to LTN_SkipVideo plugin. A small number of people had trouble with this (actually just one report, but still). Instructions in the folder.

Other stuff happening
Remaking Goblina’s scenes with better light, there’s a bunch of examples on the discord
Coming Soon(tm)
Goblin Layer will encounter a tall muscular bandit-ette, and set up a new base of operations, with updgrades. The townswomen are becoming hornier. Hanging out with the party members. Once the new base is in place & maybe one more goblingirl dungeon is done, I’m gonna start working on preg gobs.

v0.31 ‘A lack of self-confidence can lead to a lot issues’-edition

New scene: Anvil(Elf) & Priestess & Church Maiden takes a bath. Drama ensues. Go to church after dealing with the Goblin Factory/Business Goblin.
Switched Sorceress handjob to new animation loop system. Previously it just played once and done.
Polished Gobsicca’s dungeon (introduced in 0.30) dialogue and events. Switched the animations to new system.
Goblin Layer and Dwarf has a non-sexual drinking scene in the inn together. Unlocked after bath scene.
A lil’ bit of light/color correction for some renders.

Some aesthetic map touch ups
Fixed some hit-rates
Switched out old animation loop system for a new one, its not perfect but its more reliable than the old one. And simpler to work with. And doesn’t need as much time to load.

Fixed image not dissappearing when leaving cheat room door, or maybe I already fixed that in an earlier version. I don’t remember.
Player will recover health after each goblin dungeon scene to avoid a rare problem where you get a game over after the scene.

Current plans for the near future
Add proper quest log
More scenes with all the townspeople
More scenes with the new party members
Setting up an upgradable Goblin Layer base of operations
More interactions with the gobs, simple relation building system
Planning how to handle preg Gobs
Planning ‘totally-not-watertown’ adventure
Amazon encounter

v0.3 Chapter 3

A cheesy plot thickens.
Goblin Layer’s most feared opponent enters the story.
Two new party members join the team.
New major goblin scene + dungeon + aftermath
… and did someone survive the cuckening in chapter two?
Lots of new art & animations

General Gameplay Stuff

More cosmetic improvements for the tileset/game maps.
The two new party members will hopefully make combat a bit more fun


Fixed passed out girl in bar changing sprite
Fixed repaired helmet not equipping
Fixed image not disappearing after choosing ‘leave’ at cheat/dev room door (inn)

To Do (in the near future):

Update NW.js
Replace all old art
optional art pack (3d with Cartoon/Painting filter basically)
more interactions with goblins & party members, gob preg
more stuff to do with the townspeople, elf/priestess/church maiden bath scene
base of operations
better/more reliable video playing




Replaced Bathgirls intro scene art with better quality
Replaced Cowgirls wake-up scene art with better quality
Replaced Goblinette groping art with better quality
Replaced Goblinette greeting pose art with better quality
Added greeting pose art for Goblina

General Gameplay

Currently testing a video plugin that lets you loop animations + display text/dialogue at the same time, there’s a goblin outside the town hall if you wanna give it a try.
Renovated the Town hall to fit better with some planned future art.
Added Load Game options to main menu (in-game)
Added message log. If you press tab during text/dialogue you can open up the message log. In case you missed something.
Taunt skill
Fancy new icons, still being finetuned though
Fancy new cursor


Removed some story triggers that were left over from testing
Fixed armor shop lady intro scene getting skipped

Dev Notes

This should be the last “small “update for now.
Next update will be the big boy update with new party members, new goblin girl and more of the main storyline.
There’s still some old art that should be replaced with higher quality stuff, but I will focus on finishing the next chapter, and continuing the story first.

v0.26 Mega Milk Edition


Replaced many many images with higher quality versions!
Not just in terms of resolutions, but shaders/lightning. I’m using raytracing now. Sort of.
Still some left that needs polishing though.

New scene with Cowgirl! What is the secret to her cheese? (Unlocked after Goblin Shaman dungeon)

Increased overall resolution of the game!
Names will be shown during dialogue!
Name tag above character sprites (for important characters)!
Name tag above important locations!
Nicer looking maps, tilesets.
Expanded some maps (It was necessary due to the higher resolution).
Some new combat abilites, not quite finished yet though.

General Goods Girl image not disappearing after dialogue

There will be one more small update after this one. After that, it’s time for 0.3 which will be a bigger story update

Currently working on the following for 0.3:

– A cheesy plot unfolds!
– addiction!
– Goblin Layer’s most feared enemy!
– Business goblins!
– A flat elf!
– A thicc dwarf!
– A shortstack goblin!

0.25 Polishing update

In this Update:
Bugfix/polishing and new scenes


New Scene with Sorceress (Potion seller) (animation)
New Scene with Smith Girl, and I guess two mini-scenes with General Goods Girl & Amor Shop Girl
Intense headpatting for both goblins
Remade some animations with new light/shading/quality (also removed cursor)
Added some extra pics to intro

General Gameplay Stuff

You now control priestess in combat
Optimized the in-game lightning a bit. If you don’t like the new style of lighnting or if it lags, it can be turned off in the menu.
Some cosmetic edits around town
Added option to skip directly to the goblin in the intro cave. Click on the fireplace.
Re-added video/animation skip plugin. Hopefully no more trouble. Click Esc to skip. P to pause.


Failed to execute ‘removechild’…. Crash during certain scenes should be fixed now if the gods are merciful
Fixed goblin girl cg not dissapearing after scene is done
Removed event trigger from church, forgot to remove it after testing
ToDo note removed from inventory after quest is done, as it should be
Fixed when changing weapon or shield, the helmet is removed and cannot be returned.
Fixed a chest being opened endlessly, getting 150G each time. No more free gold, sorry.
Fixed sprites of defeated adventures changing when clicking them in intro cave

v0.21 Boring fix edition
Wasn’t expecting to update again so soon, but some stuff needed fixing

General Gameplay Stuff

Testing out a fancy lightning plugin (the light is still wip). Effects an be turned off in options.
Better “shading”
Sped up battle animations a bit
Priestess recovers stats in church
Better window for dialogue choices
A little extra gold rewarded + a health potion after intro
You can heal at a farm north of town, but this wasn’t very clear. Added a dialogue line pointing to the farm.
(After you exit the town hall, just follow the road north)


NW.js profile error fixed, probably
added Goblin Slayer’s face to some dialogue
rearranged som dialogue for the townspeople
Bunch of small cosmetic changes around town
Blocked off some tiles that should be blocked
Lockpick is now removed when breaking
fixed image not disappearing after scene in cave (after you got two goblins stored there)


1. Quests/Scenes/The main reason you are playing this game

New Goblina with big scene(s) (Main story Chapter 2)
New scene with general goods girl
New scene with bath girl
New combat moves for Goblin Slayer
New model/look for general goods girl + replaced old art
Remade two Intro Goblin animations
Teaser for some new party members (for next update)
Priestess in 3d

2. General Game Stuff

Bought a plugin that lets you skip/pause animations. Use ESC to skip. P to pause.
Added Plugin – Right click (mouse) to hide text.
Added quick splash screen
Added some life/ambience to the main town
Added “to do” note to player inventory, it tells you what to do.
Added “control note” to player inventory, it tells you the controls.
Added some new tunes
Added autosave before scenes with animations*****
UI/Interface makeover
Small graphics/tileset/effect overhaul

3. Fixes

Fixed not being able to target Hobgoblin with mouse. Arrow keys/enter always worked though. But now both ways are fine.

*****Apparently if you skip the text to fast, some animation clip can sometimes get stuck/frozen.
I have re-recorded some intro animations and used a new webm-encoder to convert the animations. Hopefully this will fix any issues.
I have also added autosave before scenes with animation now, in case you need to restart.

4. Style/Tech

Bought an upgraded graphics injector mod thing for my program. Better quality AO, SSLR, SMAA etc etc blahblahblah
Added anti aliasing plugin to my image editor (also smoother edges)
Basically the graphics will look a little bit better in future updates.

Based on Patreon polls I will probably tweak the artstyle a lil bit moving forward.

5. Other notes

I have to wageslave and go outside sometimes, maybe even talk to people, but I’m working hard on the next update! Hope you enjoy!

Initial version

Dev Notes
I’m still experimenting a bit with the graphics/art style and sound design, so expect some improvement in those areas. There’s some polls about that on my patreon.

You don’t have to worry about the cheating tag unless you’re a goblin.

I know some people really hate RPGM, but I will keep grinding and other annoying bullshit to a minimum. Personally I think RPGM can be a really convenient engine for telling a story and it also allows me to create the gameplay/maps real fast, so I can focus on the spicy/sexy part of making the game.

Feel free to message me on Patreon in case you got any questions, I’ll answer as soon as I can (just bear with me if it takes a while, this is something I work on during weekedns/evenings , while working full time as a wageslave.

Not playing on windows? Check bugs/fixes spoiler below.

Bugs/Fixes/Technical help
Playing on Android?
Some people have reported the game works fine with Joiplay .

Playing on Mac/Linux?

1. Either try one of the mac/linux versions (I haven’t tested them)

2. You can probably use “index..html” in the www folder to play through your browser.

A common error (and a fix for it) when trying to play with index.html:
Failed to load: data/actos.json :: RPG Maker MV Tech Support (steamcommunity.com)
Fix error Failed to load data/Actors.json : RPGMaker (reddit.com)

Got this error? Failed to execute ‘removechild’….
It shoudl be fixed in 0.25 and later versions.

Got this error? This.plugin[o].destroy is not function…
Extract this fix into game folder:

Only download this if you actually get the error. A side effect of this quickfix is that you can’t skip animations.

Linux Guide:

What type of distro are you running?

  • if Ubuntu, Linux Mint, PopOS or any other Debian based distro (a google search will tell you right away), then follow the Debian section
  • if Manjaro, Arch Linux, or any other Arch based distro, follow the Arch section


  1. Download and extract the game
  2. Open up a terminal in the extracted folder (it’s the one containing a file named nw)
  3. Run nw by typing ./nw. Give permissions if needed (chmod +x nw)


  1. Try and follow Debian section at first.
  2. If nw throws an error about fonts, execute the command given here to fix it. For convenience, the command is: mkdir fonts; echo ‘<fontconfig><dir>/usr/share/fonts</dir><cachedir>fonts</cachedir></fontconfig>’ >fonts/fonts.conf;
  3. You can now run nw by specifying the env variable FONTCONFIG_PATH, via the following command: FONTCONFIG_PATH=fonts ./nw
  4. [EXTRA] If needed, you could also create a shell script containing the command FONTCONFIG_PATH=fonts ./nw

START A NEW GAME (click fireplace to skip dungeon)

Password for the tavern area paromas or parodox or remake



Download For Win/Lin
Download For Compressed Win
Download For MAC (v0.35 Unofficial)
MEGA MEDIAFIRE GOFILE *(Only tested in macOS 10.15 Catalina), Extract and run (double click on Finder)


Download For Bugfix
Download For Password
password: cato

Keywords: Download Goblin Layer Game.

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