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Friends Of Mine v1.0.0 by Sunfall, Friends Of Mine is a game about You have heard from your friends father that he believes that your friend is on dr*gs.
He has asked you to investigate, but what you find is even more unbelievable!

Solve baffling cases, recruit Supernatural Anomalies into your team and help them control their newfound powers. The more uninhibited their minds are, the more their powers grow.
Will you train these beautiful women with trust and respect? Or will you break their minds through sheer depravity and corruption?
Will you build a team of based on the foundations of friendship and love? Or will you create a harem of cock-worshipping slaves who submit to your every whim and desire?

Updated:  2021-12-05
Release Date:  2021-12-05
Developer: Sunfall Patreon – TFGamesSite
Censorship: No
Version: v1.0.0
OS: Web browser
Language: English

Corruption, Drugs, Gay, Group sex, Male protagonist, Mind control, Real porn, Sissification, Text based, Transformation, Voyeurism, Sandbox
Bimbofication, Submission
  1. Extract the game (the rar package)
  2. Extract the images (the zip package)
  3. Move the extracted folder images to sit next to the html file in the main folder
  4. Open the html file in your browser of choice
– Added more content to Felix’s storyline!

– Added more content to Chloe’s storyline!

– Added a chance for Felix to visit the player’s apartment in Twonton after completing his current story.

– Added a chance for Chloe to visit the player’s apartment in Twonton after getting through part of her current story.

– Added 1 new outfit to the Pawn Shop and 2 new outfits to the Clothing Store.

– Removed the “Sit in Alex’s lap” and “Take Fun pictures with Alex” when at the arcade with him, because I will never find appropriate images for them.

– Fixed the image in Chloe’s Apartment showing her even when she isn’t home.

– Fixed the Floor Manager job at Club Six not loading correctly.

– Fixed sex scenes during the ‘dealer help’ sequences not updating virginity status.

– Fixed a lot of syntax errors when checking chat at higher levels of the webcam job.

– Fixed text issues in the Twonton clothing store.

– Updated the player mother content and increased max relation with her to 500!
– Updated the player father content and increased max relation with him to 500!
– Added female variations to sexual scenes with the player’s mother.
– Added missing sex scenes to the Let Gabby Fuck You scene for female player characters.
– Updated some of the information in the help screen.
– Updated the warnings for the female transitions in regards to content not all being updated yet.
– Fixed seeking sexual relief at the chapel not affecting sexual activities and sex total.
– Fixed an issue where cleaning the house didn’t take the correct amount of energy and could act strangely.
– Fixed the clips when Working Out with Dad being the wrong format and not playing.
– Fixed spelling and grammar throughout the mother/father scenes.

– Added a full transition option to the Feminization Specialist if the player has at least A cup breasts and 50% feminization or higher.

– Added the option for Gabby to fully transform you into a woman once you’ve brought her the trinket.

– Added female variations to the interaction and sex scenes with Gabby.

– Added female variations to home scenes based on breast size (this includes shower, masturbation, and dildo scenes).

– Added female variations to the various gloryhole scenes.

– Added D cup breast expansion at the hospital in Twonton.

– Updated using the restroom to always slightly relieve arousal.

– Fixed an issue where playing with the dildo in your room would often not have text.

– Fixed one of the blowjob scenes with Gabby using the wrong clip.

– Fixed getting a blowjob from Gabby not affecting Arousal.


– Added final promotions to the Club Six job lines!

– Added straight masculine scenes to the glory hole in Thretik.

– Added 3 new outfits to the general store in Thretik.

– Adjusted energy cost for using glory holes to 10 (down from 15).

– Fixed the achievement ‘When Love and Death Embrace’ not registering.

– Fixed an issue where you would end up at your parent’s house when doing drugs in your apartment.

– Fixed the glory hole in Thretik not properly checking for energy.

– Fixed several sex scenes not updating the player’s virginity.

– Fixed grammar issues in the Zikala and webcam job scenes.

– There is a small chance someone may be looking back at you through the window.


Added final promotions to both of the Chapel job lines!
– Increased the max relation with the PC Father to 400 and added new interactions with him!
– Updated the opening a little bit to explain where the help page, characterpedia, and achievements are.
– Fixed an issue with the Special Producer job in which it would sometimes max out your femininity.
– Fixed an issue with upgrading the apartment where it wouldn’t let you unless you had the exact amount of cash required.
– Fixed an issue with the second apartment upgrade throwing an error and not removing the cash.
– Fixed a bug with the extra tasks for the final Pawn Shop promotions sometimes showing blank passages.
– Fixed some spacing issues in the new Pawn Shop job scenes.
– Fixed some scenes with the PC mother missing images.
– Fixed incorrect text in some of the PC father interactions.


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