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Flexible Survival 2022.04 by Nuku Valentines, Flexible Survival is a game and storyline is based in a not-too-distant past of 2008, containing science fiction elements about a nanite-based virus outbreak and its mutation-inducing consequences. The game is based on roleplay and classic hack’n’slash combat, supporting both a web interface as well as a standard MU* telnet client.​

Updated:  2022-04-06
Release Date:  2022-04-06
Developer: Nuku Valentines – Blog  – Patreon – SubscribeStar – WIki
Censored: No
Version: 2022.04
OS: Windows
Language: English

Vagina, Anal, Oral, Creampie, Watersports, Vore, Pregnancy, text-based, furry
1. Extract and run “git.exe” which can be found in release folder.
2. Select “Flexible Survival.gblorb” or “Wave of Change v1-2, Based On F.gblorb” to play.
Patch notes 2022-03-09

Christy/Christopher: The male and female version of the large red dragon now have shiny new artwork in the game.

Damien (Hellfire Escort): It is now possible to ask for Damien in the escort menu of the Hellfire Club for a repeatable scene which will be expanded in the future. Currently, it leads only to a foot worship scene.

Hellfire Demon: Upon defeating one of the hellfire demons roaming in Red Light District, the player may choose to worship their feet as an additional way to earn their victory spoils.

Jett (Lair Of The Lupines): The quest to offer him a gift continues after completing the step associated with Rodion. Players can now speak to him and show their intent to gift the alpha, which leads to a series of events resulting in a change of Jett’s attitude towards the player.

Klauz: The horny felinoid will now try his luck with entrancing Urik, which doesn’t go quite as Klauz thought it would… (friend Urik only, can occur after his fight with the hawkman in the library).

Third Labour of Herakles: You can now complete the Third Labour of Herakles, catching the Hind of Ceryneia. To begin go to the Urban Forest.

Wyatt (Lair Of The Lupines): This werewolf earned himself a considerable expansion in his sex menu, two of the scenes of them for female players and one for both males and females, as the variations demand.

Bugfixes & Balance Patches
Artemis: The ID “rubber tigress” (lower case) has been added to Artemis, which should make it easier to address her correctly.

Central Library: A typo when fucking the wolverine guard has been corrected, which should eliminate errors in the scene from now on.

Dr. Mouse: If you fight Dr. Mouse before finishing up delivering all the samples to Dr. Matt so he can have a look, the fetch quest for Matt should be cancelled properly.

Fang: Fang should no longer immediately jump the player upon exiting the bunker in the ‘Running with Wolves’ start.

Hellfire Demon: Corrected some typos along the file.

Running with Wolves Start: Fang now shouldn’t be so horny anymore that he instantly jumps the player when they exit the bunker

Segis: Activate Strange Android will now be properly marked as resolved upon successful activation, thus ending the event.

Toron: Fixed an issue with his dialogue about Damien not properly updating after buying him enough drinks.

Engine Work
Due to the fact that FS recently overtaxed the Inform engine once more, until we thankfully got a fix from the nice developers over there, the decision has been made to port FS to a new platform. Efforts have been started to put together a new version in the more timely engine Godot. For the foreseeable future, FS will still run in Inform and additional updates are coming out for that, but we’ve got people working on something new and shiny at the same time.

Cougar: These flirty ladies prowling the city have new pictures to show off their bodies
Monty: There are two new scenes you can experience with the black soldier, taking the (straight) man down the rabbit hole of having his ass played with. The first one is taking him for a stroll through Camp Bravo with a sex toy inside him, the second involves actually fucking him.
Sabretooth: The kitty has gotten some new artwork to show off all that glorious fur.
Skarnoth: Skarnoth got a new dominant scene where the the player becomes his slave. For the scene, currently two of the seven deadly sins are available for the player to choose from.
Rodion (Lair Of The Lupines): Perhaps, if you have met the cook of the werewolves’ lair, you caught him talking about a gift you could offer Jett. He will now be able to give you a personal demonstration of what it is, his special cake. This begins a few series of quests that will be featured in the future depending on the player’s actions.
Vanessa: Three new endings are now available depending on how many of Vanessa’s squad you have rescued.
Wyatt (Lair Of The Lupines): The athletic werewolf, found in the common room, has a new sex scene for all genders, with variants depending on how the player looks. Additionally, he will now react accordingly to a player who underwent full male-to-female transformation from his special event and either kept it or changed back when proposed for sex. For those who went back to male, he will turn them back to female if the player apologizes to him during the dialogue.
Wyvern Patriarch: It is now possible to have fun with the large wyvern upon defeating him by teasing. This new scene will end differently for those who have the “more vore” option activated.

Bugfixes & Balance Patches
Brooke: The otter should now not have any virginities left to loose.
Fang: The choice to request that Fang become your Alpha instead of Beta has been removed until it is completed. (Fang can still become Alpha from neglect or encouraging Sandra)
Fur Items: Infectious fur items should now no longer be affected by Iron Stomach, as you’re not eating the stuff.
Lair Of The Lupines: It is no longer possible to encounter the cave anywhere in the game and is now properly tied to exploring Avalon.
Monty: The image of Monty being fully dressed wasn’t being displayed correctly. Now it will appear.
Urik: The orc should be saved properly as a companion in the future. If you already have him as a companion and that wasn’t quite properly restored, please take him to the library and talk to him about being your companion to get him into the right mode.

Alpha: The octopus hybrid that you can befriend in the Trevor Labs underground levels has been expanded, offering several talk options, walk-in scenes and a sex menu now.
Fang: A new repeatable scene for Alpha Fang after he has consumed the hyper serum. Male Fang only, but available to male, female, or hermaphroditic partners.
Fang: You now have a chance of getting to choose how you wish to have sex with Alpha Fang, though he/she may still decide for themselves.
Lair Of The Lupines: You may stumble across this hidden lair in Avalon while exploring, hunting for a hidden rock cavern, or, if you submit enough times to a Werewolf Brute, he may take you there. So far, it has several Werewolf NPCs the player may speak to, and is still under development to include more scenes and quests focused on the Werewolf Brutes.
Lair Of The Lupines (Oubliette): This is a particular place under the pits of the lair where the player can stay as a temporary slave to the resident werewolf brutes. You may unlock special scenes with NPCs such as Elstan and Kirnon by talking to them, and its features are still under development.
Lair Of The Lupines (Wyatt Romance): To access his romance path and the aforementioned female-focused or Male-to-Female (MtF) scenes, player must have had sex with him at least once, not have the “Male Preferred” feat and visit the Common Room during the night to trigger it. This particular romance path, while accessible by pure males without the feat, can only be continued through the MtF route and, subsequently, by female characters. The event may be ignored completely if the content is deemed undesired through presented options.
Lair Of The Lupines (Wyatt): Wyatt is worth mentioning as he has received a fair bit of content already, most of it especially for female players or Male-to-Female TF enthusiasts. Male players are not locked out of the fun with him though, still being able to access, so far, one sex scene, so he will still have a bit for everyone’s tastes.
Wyvern Patriarch: If you have been fooling around with male wyverns, beating them and taking advantage of them numerous times, you may incite the presence of a much bigger, meaner male wyvern that will not be happy with you. He will appear to players who have beaten and enjoyed themselves with a defeated male wyvern at least three times.

Bugfixes & Balance Patches
Wyvern (Male): Fixed some inconsistent mentions regarding his equipment during a scene.



Bouncy Succubus: A new inflatable succubus can be found at the Beach, ready to make you her personal toy.
Clockwork Fox: A new victory and defeat scene has been added for this clicking enemy.
Dark Tyrant – Aura of Darkness: His presence grows stronger the more he levels up, and so does the stat boost he provides. This feature will be extended in future updates, such as opening up new victory scenes in encounters.
Dark Tyrant – Companion: This means you can now take the Fallen King as your companion. He provides stat boosts while active and a small, yet very reliable source of extra damage. You may also interact with him at any time, with scenes having been adjusted according to this new state.
Dark Tyrant: You may now strike a deal with the Fallen King. In exchange for a continuous sustenance and learning only you can provide, he shall accompany you and make you stronger during your adventures.
Dragon Android: An odd mechanical robot has been sighted in Red Light District and seems to be quite interested in males, especially in collecting their fluids. What is it doing? It is up to you to decide how to deal with this newcomer.
Feral Wolves: Both males and bitches now have a loot list you can choose items from.
Giant: There is now a way to befriend the Giant zookeeper, who will then offer to pick up the player in a more friendly way. Find his missing ring and try approaching him once you have it.
Journal: Notes are now displayed and sorted by Date instead of Days
Male Christy: There are now more cockvore scenes, and a new bad end, for the male version of Christy.
Mogdraz: The Demon Lord is now available for more strolls, currently the one destination being the Dry Plains (with more to come in the future). Additionally, two pre-existing sex scenes were recycled and adapted to the current version of Mogdraz, available for players who have successfully romanced him.
Museum: This area was reworked into a navigable location with actual rooms. Original events are still accessible throughout most of the museum by exploring. Additionally, a Roman Wing was added, which currently features a puzzle to awaken a statue of a roman soldier who can become a new acquaintance.
Ranfer: If you have got a shrinking mushroom, you may consume it and allow your male smilodon companion to play with tiny you.
Susan/Samson: You can now let the herm doe/buck fuck you (if you have a pussy).
Werewolf Brute: The werewolf brute has gotten some new and shiny artwork for you to enjoy.
Zephyr Personal Computer: Minimaps have now been added to most of the locations in the game. The ZPC can now be aquired by talking to Larissa at the Zephyr lobby.

Bugfixes and Balance Patches


Demon Fox: Should now allow people to get the ‘loss result’ rather than the ‘submission result’ when throwing the fight or losing.
Dragon Android Segis: Stat rolls will now properly display the required rolled value.
Fang: The scene for taking Fang along as a companion should now properly show.
Giant Essence: It will now properly smell like what it is.
Hellfire Club: Players should no longer be able to explore Red Light District while inside the Club.
J’reth: Asking to have sex with J’Reth should no longer lock the player out of the backpack questline.
Mogdraz: Fixed some typos along his romance scenes.
Monkey House: The monkey house will now appear in the intended place in the western zoo.
Obsidian Coin: It will now have a scent.
Ogres: Talking with the ogres about their mission should now properly show the scene.
Spike: Korvin will now only introduce himself once to Spike when he’s brought in.
Wukong: The money should now have a linked action to talk with him.
Xaedihr: His Dom scenes should now play properly in sequence.


Aerana: Ever wanted to have a female daugther with Lilith? Now you can! After Atticus has been born, you will be able to ask the demoness if your next offspring can be a succubus, instead. Aerana will be the result of this, and she comes with the expected personality of a powerful demoness’ descendant.
Chris: Breeder Chris has gotten a new personalized piece of artwork, just for him.
Chris: Urik will now remember meeting Half-Orc Chris if he is then later transformed into warrior or breeder Chris, and react accordingly.
Damien: After solving his initial quest and showed interest for him, he will become a patron of the Hellfire Club. Some Talk and Sex options will be available, building up for some upcoming content with the scavenger.
Dark Tyrant: This mysterious nemesis lurking in the Void Realm after his big sword is pulled can now be befriended… well, kind of. Toron can offer you more information once you acquire the Abyssal Remnant. Additionally, the Dark Tyrant now has art.
(If the Dark Tyrant has been slain in an imported save prior to this update, he’s brought back like nothing happened)
Darren: A new friendly salamander and his hideaway have been added in the Capitol District.
Feral Sea Dragoness: The sexy sea dragonesses have gotten some all new art to their name, completing the dragon quartet.
Hayato: If you have successfully romanced Mogdraz, the Demon Lord will offer his help without requiring any payment. Additionally, he returns what he took from the Player or from Hayato upon being successfully romanced, so these can be done in any order.
Mannequins: There is a new event shining some light on the life of the FS mannequins.
Mogdraz: The almighty Hellfire Demon Lord is also a potential candidate to a sort of romantic relationship. It will trigger after you arrive at the club while having raised his interest significantly, by having flirted with him, worked well on escort duties and “”treated”” the Club’s staff well. What things could arise from this intimate alliance?
Soldier Squad: The soldier squad event chain is being reworked and greatly expanded. So far the first two stages of the event have been redone, more to follow.
Werewolf Brute: Large werewolves can now be found in Avalon. These lupine beastmen are, for some reason, as large as demon brutes! Be careful when dealing with them.

Cheetah: A mix-up with the creature name in her sex scenes has been resolved.
Cherry: Fixed a coding typo.
Chris: An interaction between Chris and Urik has been fixed and should now play correctly.
Colleen: Her newest event in the bunker will now actually check that she is in the room before starting.
Damien: You are now guaranteed to trigger his initial encounter the first time you walk into the Crimson Street, after having unlocked the Hellfire Club.
Dark Tyrant: Will now properly collect offered Null Essences, and will just require 1 at a time.
Feats: Various feats that were missing some aftereffects for gaining them should now work properly.
Felinoid: The libido of Klauz the felinoid has been ramped down a bit, so he won’t start to sex you up more than once a day.
Gabriel: A clarification has been added that Gabriel is actually just a rank and file angel, named after the famous one.
Hydra: A mixup with the Hydra names has been resolved and you should now be able to fight them properly in the 12 labors quest.
Lilith: Fixed a minor typo.
Rubber Tigress: A mix-up with the creature name in her sex scenes has been resolved.
Smilodon Male: A mix-up with the creature name in the sex scene has been resolved.
Susan: She should nowproperly be moved to Dr. Mouse if you choose him during the main quest.
Tyrannosaurus Male: Corrected flags on the encounter.
Urik: The orc will now properly set out from the orc lair if sent to the library. He’ll arrive in an event firing off when you navigate to the library. (might be bumped by other events if your library is very full, so don’t despair, he’ll arrive eventually)
Void Realm: Failing checks on Void Serpent will now properly trigger its bad end.
Void Realm: Sanity checks on Void Realm should now properly reflect on the description above the navigation menu.
Void Realm: Successfully passing checks on the Void Serpent and Peculiar Summoner’s pre-battle events will now properly reset their trackers.
Xaedihr: You should now only be able to introduce Hayato to Xaedihr once you have actually met Hayato and he is in the Library.
Zephyr Riot Shield: The commands to switch shield usage has been changed and should function properly now.

june 2020

June 2020

Elven Hunter: The otherworldly stud has gotten some new pictures to his name. Go and check him out.
Fang: Fang now moves around during the day. Even a wolf as vigilant as him needs time to rest and relax. Descriptions and sex scenes have been adapted to reflect this.
Gargoyle Sentry: Expanded with a bunch of new scenes, and can now become a NPC after earning his respect.
J’Reth: You can now have fun with the draco-mantis when they are male, female, or hermaphroditic, with a special scene for when you first take their virginity.
Korvin: Confident Korvin has gotten a nice little update to his existing sex menu scenes, as well as an all new roleplaying scene in which you can let him run wild and fuck your ass.
Logan: The wolverine’s content in connection to Blake has been expanded, allowing you to become his bro by sharing the rat between you. There’ll be a special double penetration scene once you’ve done so a few times. Just be sure you don’t submit to Logan, as you’ll lose all respect you might have built then.
Lux & Umbra: The twin wolves’ descriptions have been updated to reflect where they are and who is present.
Monty: The hunky soldier has gotten a number of new scenes, like talking about things he’s seen in the city, and other talk options, as well as new sex scenes, namely rimming and even fisting him.
Red Light District: The area has gotten all new overview maps. Be sure to visit the power plant and turn it back on, then you’ll see the red light district shine in its full glory.
Steven and Junkyard additions: The player can now encourage Steven to try and “reconnect” with his old friends in the Warehouse.
Void Realm (Tentacle Abomination): Now a roaming encounter. It can be provoked by holding position or exploring repeatedly. It currently has 1 loss scene with variations depending on what sex organ it mimicks, as well as a special interaction with the Ancient Tome.


A typo in the batcubus scenes has been fixed.
Fang: Missing sex scenes for Beta Fang now added.
Female Husky: A few repeated words have been removed.
Kitsune: Added missing comment for if the player is Leporine when asking the Kitsune’s opinion on the character’s appearance.
Latex Ermine: The pictures for these ladies have been realigned, orienting all of them in the same direction.
Mike: If you fight him (to free Lea, not for sex) in the first encounter, you can now get back to the Dog Walking again afterwards, as intended.
Pet Shop: A typo when acquiring Korvin’s collar has been fixed.
Ruby: If she is fought and fucked in the Urban Cliff event, the event will now resolve.
Shrinking Shrooms: An odd word choice in an unbirthing scene with the shrooms has been corrected.
Spike: His doberman cum should now properly infect you with the doberman bitch strain.
Void Realm (Void Serpent): Tracker should now properly reset upon defeating one.
Wolftaur Endings: Some gender confusion in the wolftaur endings has been fixed.



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