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Five of a Kind v0.3.1.2 by JorogrArt, Five of a Kind by JorogrArt is an adult game about You play a frustrated, young computer and video game enthusiast living at home with your overextended and stressed mother, Meredith, and your self-centered and aloof sister, Brooke.

Nominally, you and your two friends: ever-scheming, wannabe ladies’ man Scott; and hyperkinetic savant Nicole, set out to uncover the mysterious disappearance of the mercurial Dr. Joystick; however, you find the seemingly more mundane situations in your own home to be more rewarding.

Updated: 2022-11-21
Release Date: 2022-11-21
Developer: JorogrArt Subscribestar – – Twitter
Censored: No
Version: v0.3.1.2
OS: Windows, Mac
Language: English
Genre: 2D game, 2DCG, Animated, Adventure, Big ass, Big tits, Creampie, Groping, Handjob, Incest, Internal View, Male protagonist, Masturbation, MILF, Oral Sex, Paranormal, Point & click, Sandbox, Teasing, TitFuck, Vaginal Sex, Voyeurism

1. Download from one of the links provided.
2. Extract and run.
Notes: * This hotfix mainly addresses a pair of game-breaking bugs from v0.3.1.1, but also a few other minor things. There is no new content.

Bug Fixes: * Fixed a bug where using Open Map, Teleport to MC Bedroom, or Fast Sleep actions while viewing certain closeups could freeze MC, making him not able to move.

* Fixed the long-reported, but newly understood forever hourglass bug when rapidly taking wine from the dining room cabinet. (Thanks to @Sapphiree for the “key” to duplicate this issue)

* Using the Rest button in the Kitchen and in Brooke’s room now gives a “You can’t rest here” message instead of doing nothing.

* Fixed Meredith’s hand overlapping MC’s thigh in the BJ scene (graphical issue)

* Fixed several issues with Dirty Talk during Meredith’s POV BJ scene. * Fixed several typos.




  • This update does not advance the story in a meaningful way and is primarily focused on making the existing game and content more appealing to players newly discovering the game.
  • There is one new Spank Bank scene in this version.
  • The Meredith Handjob rework was cut from this version because it’s not quite ready.

New Content

  • Finishing Brooke’s current route gives a “Bonus” scene, similar to the one with Meredith.
  • Reworked the Meredith BJ scene (fixed graphics, synced sound effects, different scenarios for repeat viewing)
  • 2x rooms added to house (Downstairs Hallway behind couch & Guest Bedroom)
  • Aunt Charlotte can be found in the Guest Bedroom after she arrives and she has a basic dialogue tree to talk to her, but little else. You can spy on her in her room for a Demerit, if you like.
  • Some select closeup scenes in places to “zoom in” on important romantic and/or erotic moments (no spoilers)

Bonus Fun Stuff

  • It is now possible to unlock 2x levels of Dirty Talk Skill through natural gameplay. Dirty Talk is an enhancement that can be used in some Spank Bank scenes.
  • We can now talk to the Phone Sex operator (instead of Under Construction Banner)
  • The Erotic Fiction bulletin board in CommPost (very minor mechanic) has been completed
  • It is now possible to give Lucy an orgasm during her “Cowgirl” scene.

Gameplay/Engine Improvements

  • Added ability to customize Mom/Sis names.
  • Fast Travel & Fast Sleep options can be unlocked (Telport to MC bedroom, Open Game Map from MC Bedroom, Fast sleep, all available from HUD)
  • Rest, Map, and Teleport to MC Room icons now gray out if they are not usable in the scene/situation you’re currently in. Clicking on them while grayed out will usually give you some text telling you WHY you can’t use that function at that time.
  • Added Toggle for Pregnancy On/Off (defaults to ON)
  • Added Toggle for Authentic 80’s Bush (pubic hair) (defaults to OFF, currently affects Brooke’s 2nd dream, Meredith bonus scene and Brooke bonus scene)
  • Added Toggle to switch Spank Bank theme music or turn it off entirely.
  • Spank Bank scenes that let the mouse cursor pan the camera will no longer stop panning if a character is speaking.
  • If you lose either of the bonus scenes (either through resetting or getting a saved game from someone), you can now re-unlock the scene by clicking a new VHS icon on Brooke or Meredith to get the scene back, assuming you’ve unlocked all the prerequisites.
  • Refactored several characters’ dialogue trees to summarize long-winded scripts when clicking them a second time (to avoid clicking through 20+ lines of useless crap)
  • Doors that have Peek Through Keyhole and/or Crack Door actions will now have icons on the hotspot instead of popping up a menu.
  • New Game Menu (I’m new here/I played previous update/Take me to the game, Coach!) has a fourth menu option: “If you could just unlock all the scenes and take me back to the main menu, that’d be greeeeeeaaaaaaaaat, kthxbye”
  • Resetting Spank Bank will now ask Are You Sure?
  • Using MC’s bed will now path him to whichever side of the bed is closest to where he’s currently at.
  • Characters with very little content (Jasmine, Aunt Charlotte) will say so in their quest journal page.
  • You can use use the remote to flip through the TV channels during the couch closeup.

Visual/UI Improvements

  • Brooke now has a basic set of emotes when she speaks (similar to Lucy and Andrea)
  • Reskinned Dialogue Tree and speaking UI to look more “modern”
  • Many closeup scenes now use post processing effects to slightly blur and/or desaturate the background matte behind characters
  • Drunk effect at Irene’s house no longer relies on Unity Animator and increases gradually to indicate level of inebriation.
Dev Notes
Five of a Kind is developed using Unity with Adventure Creator
Currently, developed for PC- and MacOS-only
1980’s aesthetic and nostalgia
Original artwork, animations
All the “dad jokes” you can stomach


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