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Corrupting Kayleigh Final by Xtryptic Studios, Corrupting Kayleigh is a game about What would you do for money? How much degradation could you put up with for a thousand dollars? Two thousand? Three? Would you “perform” in public? With strangers? For your boss? Would you put yourself at the whim of a man to whom money is an endless commodity and morality is always for sale? Care to masturbate in a mall?

Suck someone off in their office? Would you for money? And if you make it through the mall, how far would you progress through your sexual training at the opulent but mysterious Mansion on the outskirts of town, a place where the filthy rich slack their boredom on the next PYT that comes along? Slut? Homewrecker? Courtesan? Something even worse? Something darker and more final? How will Kayleigh’s journey end? You decide.​

Updated: 2021-06-19
Release Date: 2021-06-19
Developer: Xtryptic Studios Patreon
Censored: No
Version: Final
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English, Portuguese, Google translated: Germany, French, Russian, Spanish
Others Game: Unforgettable Dinner

3DCG, Female protagonist, Corruption, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Masturbation, Lesbian, Oral sex, Vaginal sex, Big tits, Big ass
1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on “Index.html” to start playing.

In this last update we will 83 more scenes of Kayleigh’s final idea, where she leaves the mall. Besides the new content, as previously announced now you will be able to export and import game’s data, and completely customize in-game text.

Final changes:
– 83 new imagens presenting the last of Kayleigh’s ideas.
– Export/Import saves.
– Customizable Scene Text Size and Appearance.

Corrupting Kayleigh reached the final mark of 3796 images.

As some users had doubts I will summarize the game structure:
– First page
— Login
— Change language right after the video.
— Start the game (second page).
— Play other Afternoon to Remember and Unforgettable Dinner.
— Join Patreon and Apoiase campaigns.
— 4k Scenes carousel

– Second page
— Start playing.
— Settings
—– Save (blocked at this time) and export data.
—– Load previous games and import data.
—– Go back to main menu
—– Preferences
——- Change language (any time inside the game)
——- Change font size.
——- Change font color.
——- Change textbox opacity (black box around text)
——- Change font shadow (black and white, 3 sizes)
——- Enable sounds, enable music
——- Music volume.
—– Return
—– Visited scenes’ counter
— Extra Scenes, acess available extra scenes.
— Characters information
— Go back to title, first page.
— Disclaimer

v1.09 changes:
– 143 new imagens presenting Kayleigh’s 14th idea part 3.

Corrupting Kayleigh reached 3714 images.

v1.08 Public
This version we will have two sex scenes, vaginal and anal after Jen lost her temper and give a beating on Claire. Very intense scene.
– 175 new images presenting Kayleigh’s 14th idea part 2.

v1.07 Public
Kayleigh will perform his first blowjob!
The 14th idea has an approximate size to the photo essay and therefore it will also be divided into 3 parts. The first one available now shows the main path with Jim and Kayleigh, with Jim cumming on her.

The second part is an alternative path that will bring about twists and even an anal sex scene. The third is an extension of the first part, bringing more options of girls to receive the cumshot.

Dev Notes
A lot of the content inside this game was extracted from Unforgettable Dinner in its current state. The layout, splash screen, disclaimer, songs and so on, are completely different. On next month, Unforgettable Dinner will also receive a layout re-work and all the content in the intersection will be removed, resulting in two completely separated games
H – hide/unhide the subtitles
ESC – open/close the settings pane
SPACE – click on next or open the answer options
CTRL – skip scene
ENTER – click on end scene (game overs)
ARROW LEFT – show more text (when the option “more” is displayed)
ARROW RIGHT – show previous text (when the option “back” is displayed).


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