BMO TV [v0.4.1.f1] [Rel]

Free Download BMO TV [v0.4.1.f1] [Rel]


BMO TV by Rel is an adult game about a 2D point-and-click adventure heavily inspired by reality tv game show games like Stranded or Bimbo House. The player takes control of a new contestant entering the show and has to eliminate all other contestants before they eliminate him/her. You have to interact with the audience of the show in order to gain votes and use those votes to buy items that might help you with eliminating the other contestants.

Updated: 2021-12-05
Release Date: 2021-12-01
Developer: Rel Patreon – Subscribestar – TFGamesSite
Censored: No
Version: 0.4.1.f1
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
Genre: 2DCG, Male protagonist, Female protagonist, Character creation, Transformation, Sissification, Point & Click, Simulator, Mind control, Corruption

1. Extract game to its own folder
2. Run
v0.4.1 (Now Free)

– Abigail Gynoid Branch Continuation (completion planned for v0.4.2)
– New Clothing Category: Shoes
– New Full Body View (button in corner of screen)
– New MC leg position when wearing High Heels
– High Heels Walking Training
– New TF: Tendons Length
– Tripping on Heels Events
– Simplified UI, that’s always on Screen
– Added Bedroom Mirror for showing all stats
– New tooltips for clothes
– Added background colors to all clothes to signal mood changes
– New Gym Background Graphics
– New Himari Standing Graphics
– New Himari Pool Graphics
– Himari TF Choices when taking control
– New Abigail Graphics in Hobby Room
– Expanded Save Slots to 1000
– New Difficulty Adjustment Option: Cost of Anti-TF Items
– Lowered Default timer values for attack timer
– Added Toenail Coloring in Vanity
– Added more clothes
– Added hints to Himari Stamp Quest
– Added harsh punishments for resting too often
– Total Memory Optimization Refactoring
– Obligatory ‘Several Bugfixes’ Message
– Added Walkthrough
– Changed Reaction Minigame to immediately succeed or fail on button press
– swimwear disallow on other activities
– added autosave slot, saving before going to bed
– you will now gain half the popularity of an activity on a fail, instead of none at all



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