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Astral Lust v0.2.2b Public by Victorius, Astral Lust is a game about you have awakened to a world you no longer recognize, filled with unexplainable darkness and overwhelming madness. A terrifying apocalypse has given birth to monsters whose mere presence will strip the sanity from what remains of humanity. To be God is to be mad.

Expand your home, slay eldritch horrors, and fight against corruption and madness. Win the hearts of beautiful women whose love will be the only ray of hope in the depths of the fog. Secrets beyond the understanding of mortals wait to be uncovered, but are you sure you want to find out the truth? After all, ignorance is bliss.

In a world where death is just the beginning of your misery, how can you be sure what good and evil even mean? What pulls the strings in this puppet theater of madness? Take a peek behind the veil of reality and realize how truly ignorant you actually were!

Updated: 2022-03-18
Release Date: 2022-03-18
Developer: Victorius Patreon
Censored: No
Version: v0.2.2b Public
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English

3DCG, Animated, Male Protagonist, Adventure, Turn based combat, Trainer, Superpowers, Sandbox, Rpg, Romance, Religion, PoV, Possesion, Paranormal, Monster, Mind Control, Horror, Graphic violence, Fantasy, Dating Sim, Cosplay, Ahegao, Creampie, Corruption, Groping, Masturbation, Oral Sex, Sleep Sex, Stripping, Teasing, Vaginal Sex, Voyeurism, Sex Toys, Blackmail, Rape, Sexual Harassment, anal sex, footjob
1. Extract game to its own folder
2. Run
updated Vietnamese and Spanish translations
Fredericka font support for Vietnamese
discount for relations with traders
robin sex scene animations not showing
checkered background after credits in the replays
some things not translating despite having translation files – eq. item uses
no image – sidebar dark 1/2 on Android
error when using items in the vault, while not having any of this item in the inventory
negative hp when your ally wins the battle or you run after player’s defeated
Outfit unlocked message appearing even if outfit was already unlocked
corruption exploit with sleeping Grace
trust/lust exploit with sleeping Lexi
corruption exploit with wc peeking
corruption exploit with bath peeking
stuck at the tutorial after tweaking difficulty settings, and killing werewolf before designed
no lust increase from Kiara sex scenes
pc buttons being active in replay, wallpaper and collectible menus
outfit unlocked messages appearing also in the middle
Devotee girl not changing expression after player tells her to fuck off
missing item notification using ID instead of item name
rare error on save after giving Rachel materials
typos & grammar mistakes



  • Alice valentine wallpapers
  • bright hover to wallpaper menu
  • tooltips to wallpapers menu with wallpaper name
  • disable animation support to all animations that didn’t have it
  • Animations ON/OFF setting to Video tab replacing old settings
  • Notifications style settings to Game tab
  • icons to the items
  • crafting to the character screen
  • updated translations for Spanish and Vietnamese
  • a model info to Rhainda relations tab
  • move items slider to vault and trade
  • Even out function to the trading menu
  • Good Profit mechanic to the traders
  • preview of increased relations to the traders + relations counter
  • Disable Fredericka font setting to the game settings
  • scrollbar to the relations tab
  • some more stuff from 0.2.2 (and 0.2.2a) to what’s new
  • notification to the trader’s relations increase outside of a trade deal
  • option to chose defeat in Rhainda’s 1st event replay


  • Supporters about/credits font
  • Now wallpapers will be sorted, and unlocked wallpapers will show before locked ones
  • HP bars image
  • removed cumming animations from the most events that had them
  • minor dialogue changes in a few events
  • removed continue option from most prostitute sex scenes
  • notifications window
  • reworked the whole inventory system
  • interact ‘Interact’ font to Fredericka
  • interact menu buttons to follow new GUI style
  • merged character and inventory menus
  • inventory + character menu follows new GUI style
  • vault follows new GUI style
  • crafting menu to follow the new GUI style
  • optimized crafting menu performance
  • increased Mysterious Coin worth 10 -> 60
  • decreased chance to drop Mysteries Coin for most enemies (by 50%)
  • chance when looting treasure trove to obtain Mysterious Coin 100% -> 40%
  • removed obsolete tooltips from character menu
  • relations menu to follow new GUI style
  • help menu to follow new GUI style
  • story menu to follow new GUI style
  • decks menu to follow new GUI style
  • expanded menu icons to follow the new GUI style
  • outfit crafting menu to follow the new GUI style
  • outfit crafting will now happen on clicking the outfit
  • now you can use items in vault for all quests
  • now the items you gave to girls in event previously will not be there next time
  • now wandering trader’s daughter trade will clean up bought things
  • wandering trader now will offer some items only after some relations reached
  • increased maximum Hollow Market discount 10% -> 20%, it’s harder to increase relations
  • Hollow Market now allow to pay with everything, it restocks weekly
  • Hollow Market can now have more different items to buy, some require higher relations with them
  • default name for new players will be John now
  • notification side for code insertion
  • dream with the devil animation to the moving image
  • Patrons settings category will no longer show for non Patrons
  • what’s new frame to more readable one
  • one dialogue line in the Grace’s nightmare event
  • wandering trader’s daughter is now not separate trader
  • Mysterious Trader will restock everyday
  • You can no longer continue Alice’s Q&A game in replay after losing all caps
  • music in first Rhainda event is now positive after the fight
  • Sample Mod stickman dream is now off by default for new players
  • now Warehouse event replay will always have people inside the warehouse
  • In Roars in the Sky event you can now shot at the sky in replay, this option is no longer usable in normal gameplay without a shotting card
  • Prostitutes can now be priced at not full values
  • Madam Hof will display prices in caps now
  • Wandering Trader will display prices in caps now
  • discount from relations no longer applies to the wandering trader daughter services


  • previous scene seen after battle when picking a card
  • interaction menu’s Lobby (view B) button, taking player to his room
  • multiple healing notifications after sleep
  • error on Treasure Chest events
  • error on exploration on old saves under some circumstances
  • a possibility of patches not applying correctly between some versions
  • Alice’s WC anal having an odd image with animations OFF
  • wrong image after animation ends in Grace’s 2nd massage event
  • second Grace massage in clothes not raising stats
  • a few weird transitions in Succubi events
  • possible error at midnight kiss event
  • suicide saying you lost cards
  • Alice task error if it was taken before 0.2.1e
  • Astral Lust dream triggering before meeting Kiara
  • tooltip staying after clicking continue in the tutorial
  • rare error at the tutorial end
  • listed cards in deck were aligned to the left side
  • Alice stranded outfit weaving not working
  • could enter playroom before building it with the interactions menu
  • Alice, Lexi and Grace showing in their room while being somewhere else after some events
  • error at replays of midnight kiss event
  • Alice sleeping in player’s bed after Grace coming for a sleepover
  • some translations not appearing due to % and %% translation generation conversion
  • trade save/load exploit
  • Spanish translation sleep being smaller in bed dialogue menu
  • in Spanish Rest icon text is no longer off icon
  • Relations tab one person being hidden under the image
  • updated/added entry not being translated
  • weird spacing at the end of 0.2.2 what’s new
  • black screen in replay in warehouse exploration event
  • Alice task related errors for people that didn’t cancel her task since before 0.2.1e
  • Alice not showing up first in the replay of Q&A event
  • Alice changing outfit in Q&A replay
  • some rare, latent problems with Alice’s Q&A event involving not taking item rewards from her
  • possible errors in building shrine replays
  • items in Alice Q&A shared between saves on one playthrough
  • no background in Mina’s Good Ol’ Bootle replay
  • no background in Lexi’s Trouble at the Market & Feet Massage replays
  • no background in Grace’s Play House event replay
  • no background in Lola’s event replays
  • no background in the first three secret endings replays
  • black/checker background in skip mode if animation didn’t decode first frame before displaying them with some animations
  • Amanda’s default way of calling player not translating
  • typos


  • increased trade icons/text for android
  • on android clicking outside the menu when choosing deck will toggle showing enemies
  • on android clicking a card will make it bigger and clicking it again will use it, clicking outside will return the card
  • Tower has no side effect, armor 5 – 3, empower 2 – 1
  • removed few strong enemies from average combat difficulty
  • story exploration events now have lower chance


  • Judgment card dealing damage only to one enemy
  • out of place Hollow Market on android
  • destroying/moving cards between decks counting as interaction
  • error when checking combat tutorial in help menu
  • card related checks
  • encountering the most powerful enemies if not defeated average enemies before (no more masochist mode)
  • error on Alice’s Get Combat Gear task
  • typos

v0.2.0b Public

This release has a lot of new events and mechanics.

  • Fox Shrine can be built and Little Fox along with a new fox girl can live in it!
  • There is a new dream with sexy scenes!
  • Three new exploration events!
  • Decks system, choose a deck when entering combat!
  • Give girls tasks, make Gracie cook for you!
  • Help Gracie with chores around the house.
  • Progress with Savenia and Lexi.
  • Pregnancy fetish added!

This release adds around 100 new animations and around 600 new renders, making it the biggest release animation + image-wise to date. Give Little Fox and Rachel the love they deserve

0.2.0a & b besides fixing bugs also introduce new QoL changes. You can destroy cards again! When a story event can be triggered map icon will start to flicker, giving you a great visual hint that something can be done!



  • error on opening settings after 0.1.9e patch
  • card tooltip not closing after using a card when behind is another card
  • added various fixes from 0.1.10 patches


  • death on mina’s event has no side effects now


  • item loss on rollback
  • vault exploit
  • Freedom in Death & Death cards not ending combat
  • supporters overlapping if in game menu inside main menu
  • after Grace change, Grace position is not updated
  • supporters weird display on 4K branch


  • 460 images
  • 36 animations
  • 3rd savenia event
  • 4th savenia event
  • 5th savenia event
  • repeatable savenia H scene
  • boobjob, blowjob, outside, inside to savenia stats
  • footjob to Mina’s stats
  • new dialogue option with Little Fox
  • patting cat – bedroom/lobby/kitchen
  • patting dog – bedroom/lobby/corridor
  • pats to cat & dog stats
  • kissing lexi – bedroom
  • kissing alice – bedroom/gym
  • kissing grace – bedroom/lobby/kitchen/corridor/goodnight/corrupted goodnight
  • kissing mina – love/friend/competition
  • kisses to Alice, Mina, Lexi & Grace stats
  • submission, blowjob, thighjob, handjob, anal, came inside to Grace stats
  • new bad ending (secret)
  • sex positions to girls stats
  • masturbation & boobjob to Alice stats
  • 5 new wallpapers (patrons)
  • 4th vault expansion – +25/+2 space
  • 5th vault expansion – +25/+2 space, Currency no longer takes space
  • 6th vault expansion – +25/+2 space, Space for materials per level +100% (+175/0)
  • 7th vault expansion – +25/+2 space, Space for materials & cards per level +100% (+200/+16)
  • several text & textbox related settings
  • settings to change main menu images
  • new characters icons to the map
  • recover (fix) gallery button support for new and all future story events
  • scrollbar to crafting screen
  • Always Display Masks option to game settings
  • masks opacity sliders to settings (for now only in forced mode)
  • new font for madness lines
  • map support for savenia events
  • wallpaper code input window
  • allowed copy-paste wallpaper code
  • ‘what’s new’ screen on the first time launching new version


  • drastically improved performance of wallpaper and collectibles tabs
  • Savenia’s first event tip, now it clarifies need for the next hotel floor
  • main menu has new looks
  • text is now outlined by default
  • now main menu shows girls
  • now finding treasure map doesn’t end exploration
  • increased chance of finding map 30 -> 35
  • increased blur for sfw mode in 4k
  • story dialogue options now are highlighted
  • dialogue options (repeatable) show what they increase
  • now characters in the map are outlined
  • renamed ‘fix gallery’ button to ‘recover gallery’
  • removed patreon icon from PC
  • improved card destroying screen
  • increased vault/crafting menu size
  • increased card size in vault
  • increased vault (materials) space per level to 50
  • bad endings now block rollback
  • when training after reaching the cap, you no longer tire yourself
  • one line in Alice’s 5th event
  • building/upgrading hotel now checks vault for the items too
  • increased card size in the deck view
  • setting tabs are now always displayed


  • some clipping in renders when finding cat
  • SFW mode not blocking Alice masturbation/ass in Mina’s 3rd event
  • weird light reflection in Mina’s 3rd event
  • unable to finish SFW mode because of lack of lust increasing options for girls
  • SFW mode not working in Little Fox meeting
  • card destroying tab selecting vault tab
  • treasure hunt won’t reset if defeated in ambush
  • Alice’s 5th event animations not changing
  • sfw skipped notification not showing in many events
  • alice’s anal wc not raising statistics
  • missing image in Grace bath massage
  • Kiara story sex not increasing creampie counter
  • Alice story events not increasing creampie counter
  • Mina’s 3rd event not increasing Alice’s masturbation counter
  • Mina’s 13th event not increasing cunnilingus counter
  • Mina’s footjob not increasing statistics counter
  • Succubus (Pink) getting Threesome counter for both succubi in one scene
  • possible tutorial overflow beyond screen on some displays
  • image not updated when expanding hotel
  • some grammar/spelling mistakes


map find events support for events triggered with dialogue options
now you need to met Grace first before using map
removed one line in beginner guide
map showed available events even if you already improved relations with girl that day
error due to having more story progress than intended, be it after using console, cheats or possibly game bug
map event finder not updating after some events not progressing time
error on opening wardrobe after new game


  • added: support for animated scenes option to explore/return scenes
  • added: time flowing in secret scene
  • added: bdsm, denial counter to succubi
  • added: wooden horse now adds to bdsm counter
  • added: reminder to mina’s 15th event
  • added: 1 audio file
  • added: 2 emoticons
  • changed: bandits with guns now deal a little more damage
  • changed: increased hovered card size in the vault
  • changed: now not all wallpapers are lootable (eq. secret wallpapers)
  • changed: balanced wallpaper drop chance
  • fixed: trader discount not saving
  • fixed: trader items reset after game exit
  • fixed: player massage skills not saving
  • fixed: bandits dealing negative amount of damage if weakened
  • fixed: block increasing from enemy attacks
  • fixed: respectful referral not triggering
  • fixed: fireball exhausting
  • fixed: dragon starting combat with ultimate ability
  • fixed: possibly weird looking buttons
  • fixed: spelling mistakes


  • added: characters, and ignored attributes to set_states()
  • added: stat_sleep to NPCs
  • added: add_submission() to NPC class
  • added: stat_bdsm to NPC class
  • added: optional set attribute to advance_time()
  • added: emoticon sm/sp screens
  • changed: how wallpaper system works, now not all wallpapers are lootable from combat
  • fixed: unable to save after using some triggers



  • how unique story events are triggered, now it’s much more open


  • missing words when watching series

  • fire breath exhausting

  • exploit at Lola’s pilediver scene

  • using destroying through forge results in a bugged screen

  • weird things happening after pyjamas party event

  • Alice clothes changing sometimes in her 10th and 11th events

  • not full notification in 5th main story event

  • some spelling mistakes



This release bring about 540 new images, and over 100 new animations. There are many major points in 0.1.5:


  • Wanderers Hideout can be unlocked
  • card crafting was implemented with 20 recipes and 2 crafting stations
  • vault can store cards
  • 25 new items to loot and trade with
  • significantly reduced grind needed to build stuff
  • two new expansions for vault
  • two first wake up scenes
  • major progression on Mina’s story

0.1.5a is a bugfix update.

0.1.5b fixes a lot of smaller things, also adds a new dream, and a side activity for Mina at the evenings.

0.1.5c introduces a lot of qol changes, and fixes. It also adds Grace’s bathing.





  • quick rest/sleep button

  • option to change max memory size, increase performance by using more memory

  • option to use only RAM as image cache if you don’t have enough Graphical Memory

  • more transitions to Alice’s shower scene

  • new images in selecting prisoner choice menu

  • one audio to the dream

  • 3 events to the gallery


  • now you have much higher chance to find rose when you need it

  • succubus help

  • made Recurring Nightmare’s text no longer being too long in some lines


  • many typos, improved flow, thanks to Strectmar

  • random combat encounter taking two time periods

  • some cards’ effects not working with immunities

  • Fireborn card causing error

  • now you can’t enter playroom before building it

  • now you won’t need to rollback after trying to talk to the prisoners when having no prisoners

  • dragon not using ultimate abilities (not that someone actually get so far with it)

  • bug with AL keymap help

  • sleep with dream advancing time by two days

  • About menu, now Ren’Py updates won’t be able to mess it up

Mods – Major

  • reworked triggers, now they can actually use global/local variables, as they are in fact executed in code now, not in the trigger object. You don’t need to compile triggers anymore, I got you covered, it’ll be compiled automatically at game startup.

Mods – Removed

  • old card methods granting effect, only buff() method should be used to increase or decrease status effects

Mods – Added

  • 5 looting triggers and 3 new ones to combat

Mods – Changed

  • now cards are reset with load using reset() method (you need to initialize your variables here). __init__() by default calls this method.

Mods – Fixed

  • trigger after_load_start triggering instead of after_load_end

Is there Rape and NTR?
Rape, blackmail, harassment, coercion, etc. is and will always be something avoidable, if it happens that only means that the Player allowed it to happen or have chosen to do it. Characters that can be raped in some situations are all generic characters in repeatable events. Although Mina’s 5th event might scare you, it’s the most that will ever happen. I would try including many things and fetishes, but they’ll be all avoidable.

No NTR or rape on main girls / side girls / other characters with any significance.

4K Warning
The 4K version has heavy requirement for your rig, on most rigs it would lag, if animations don’t play at 60fps try 1080p version or disable animations in preferences. 4K version has little to no meaning if you play at 1920x1080p resolution or lower.


Update patch only (0.2.2a to 0.2.2b)

Download For Win/Lin
Download For Mac

1080p v0.2.2b Public

Download For Win/Lin
Download For Mac
Download For Android
Download For Compressed Win/Lin


4K v0.2.2b

Download For Win
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