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Accidental Woman v1.02.1 Cheats by ThaumX, Accidental Woman is an interactive fiction life sim game for adults. It’s built in Twine Sugarcube, and can be played on most OSes and smartphones. In the game, you take the role of a recently single and unemployed man who takes the offer of a longtime friend to move to the secluded town of Appletree. Due to an unfortunate accident, you find yourself completely transformed into a woman, and will have to deal with far more than just transitioning to small-town life!​

Updated: 2022-04-11
Release Date: 2022-04-11
Developer: Thaumx Patreon
Censored: No
Version: v1.02.1 Cheats
OS: Windows
Language: English

2DCG, Real porn, Text based, Male protagonist, Female protagonist, Animated, Sci-fi, Transformation (M2F), Rape, BDSM, Pregnancy, Simulator, Character creation, Oral sex, Anal sex, Vaginal sex
1- Extract both Resource Pack and HTML into the same directory.
2- Click on “AW x.x.html” to start playing.

Your directory should look lie this:

Words: 2,729,804 (18,896,450 characters)
Code: 149,487 lines of TypeScript

  • Female Story prologue now supports futa players.
    • The nurse will now comment on your member when she’s measuring your sizes.
    • There is a nice self-discovery masturbation scene that happens in the hospital. The female story character never had a penis before, after all.
    • The player character doesn’t tell Toby about her extra equipment, you’ll have to reveal that later if you advance your relationship with him.
  • The physical description for male and female story characters immediately after the main character creation has been updated to support futa characters.
  • The Hucow Farmhand job events have all been edited by our professional editor.
  • Player masturbation has been reworked and support for futas added.
    • Futa players will now have the option for a “Quick Fap”
      • This option is less satisfying than female options, but it’s faster and you’re significantly more likely to get off successfully than with the “Quick Schlick” option.
    • Main menu image now shows a nice futa gif if the player is one.
    • Female masturbation mechanics have been adjusted.
      • They now take more factors into consideration, such as arousal level, pregnancy, kinks, etc. for determining success.
      • Benefits have been tweaked.
      • Probability setup has been adjusted.
      • The amount of time it takes has been tweaked.
      • If you fail to orgasm, you will now use ALL of the allotted time.
    • Pregnancy now gets in the way of female masturbation options, and can reduce odds of success.
    • Sufficiently pregnant women will get a new screen with a “how will this work” image when their belly is too big to make a masturbation session practical.
    • You will now see a window that explains the masturbation outcome–along with an orgasm image if successful–rather than just having a simple corner notification.
    • Futa players are rewarded with a written scene for their masturbation.
    • Overall appearance is nicer, and the disjointed text has been removed.
    • Female chastity should still allow male masturbation, and vice versa.
  • New orgasm mechanic has been added to the game.
    • This is code that is called with arguments for every orgasm in the game except for the sex system and prologue.
    • The primary purpose is adjusting the semen reserve and feeding the body condition system.
    • “Female” orgasms result in a small ejaculation, while “male” orgasms result in a full ejaculation.
    • Pussy juice and cum possibilities are fed to the body condition system to make you and or your clothes wet in relevant location.
      • Sometimes cum or femlube from orgasms are “clean” because you clean up afterward, or you were naked, etc. It’s all scene specific.
    • Additional satisfaction and arousal reduction effects are provided for futa characters, due to the dual nature of their orgasm.
    • Orgasming now reduces player energy by 2.
    • Arousal trimming mechanic has been added to cap arousal post orgasm, which should help reduce incidents of runaway arousal.
    • Semen ejaculation volume is retrieved from the standard formulas built into the fertility code. Small ejaculations from a predominantly female orgasm are only about 1/3rd the volume of a normal ejaculation. These ejaculations will always take things like virility boosts and mutations into account.
    • Female wetness is determined primarily by the base vaginal wetness. (Vaginal wetness is chosen at character creation, but can be modified by several things during the course of the game, usually in the direction of ‘more wet’.)
      • Because we added calls to this code to so many locations, the possibility that we made a mistake in a given location is greater. If you notice an orgasm where you get soiled inappropriately (such as getting cum or femlube on you while in the pool), please let us know so we can fix it.
      • Body and clothing condition was built primarily around the concept of external fluids getting on you, not your fluids coming out. This means there may be some bugs where cum gets on your skirt instead of your panties, or lands on your shirt instead of your belly… we will need to work on this more. Do let us know if you notice any weird behavior though!
  • A new PC Memory system has been created.
    • This system is used to create one-day persistent memory effects for certain things.
    • Primarily, this is to determine if the player remembers taking medication or not, but it could be used elsewhere if the need arises.
    • When you check the description on a virility supplement or birth control pill, there will now be information on whether or not you’ve taken it that day.
      • If you remember, you will be told whether or not you’ve taken it.
      • If you don’t remember, it will say simply that you can’t remember.
    • The chances of you remembering are random, but modified by whether or not your character is forgetful, has a good memory, and your bimbo level.
    • If you don’t want a memory reminder, and want to count on your own memory… just don’t check the item description. ;)
  • New drugs and transformatives for futas!
    • From the cum & go convenience store questionable supplements rack:
      • Infinity MegaCum (drug)
      • Gooey Gold (transformative)
    • New drugs & transformatives menu and options at the farm coop dairy.
      • Now have to ask reception about treatments and browse an information binder before you can purchase treatments/services.
      • You must ask about female and male treatments separately.
    • Hubull transformatives added
      • KX-Hubull (transformative)
      • Viasil (transformative)
      • Fulsac (transformative)
    • Male fertility supplement available at either pharmacy.
      • FertilAid (virility booster)
    • Male treatment options at the Gestique fertility clinic
      • Creation (virility booster)
      • Semaxin (virility transformative)
  • Virility Boost is now a thing.
    • Functions similarly to fertility boost score in that it is a temporary increase to PC virility.
      • Virility boosts have the additional affect of increasing ejaculation volume and refractory rate, in addition to things like motility and sperm count.
    • Virility boost decays more rapidly than fertility boost (10%/day), virility supplements would need to be taken every day for maximum effect.
    • Virility boost status can be seen in the character status menu.
  • Creation virility booster added to the game.
    • strongest virility booster available, at least for now. “Prescription Strength”
    • overdoses are not good for you.
    • Boosts up to 80% are achievable, 30% per-pill gain.
  • FertilAid virility booster.
    • solid herbal/nutrient supplement.
    • overdoses still aren’t good for you.
    • can reach boost level up to 40%, 20% per-pill gain.
  • Infinity MegaCum drug added to the game.
    • Causes a very large increase to ejaculation volume and refractory rate for 24 hours.
    • Causes a significantly reduced ejaculation volume and refractory rate for 24 hours after the drug wears off.
  • Gooey Gold drug added to the game.
    • Crazy Chinese medicine with crazy Chinese effects.
    • Twelve possible outcomes including both good and bad outcomes (good outcomes are more likely)
      • Penis/testicle shrinkage
      • Penis/testicle growth (including huge growth chance)
      • Cumsplosion event
      • Grow or lose a testicle
      • Gain the Bitch Breaker mutation
  • Semaxin transformative added to the game.
    • Permanently increases your virility, primarily affecting sperm count, sperm motility, and sperm endurance/survival.
    • I’ll just say injection.
  • KX-Hubull transformative added to the game.
    • Male version of the hucow transformative.
    • Causes your body to take on a more amazonian appearance.
    • Causes dramatic testicle growth.
    • Causes an increase in penis size.
    • Causes an increase in libido.
    • Causes a dramatic increase in virility.
    • Causes the Lilith’s Curse, No Refractory, and Power Ejaculation mutations.
    • Causes you to grow two testicles and a scrotum if you have none.
    • Causes you to grow an extra testicle if you only have one.
    • Increases your bimbo score significantly (not as much as Bovinex though).
    • Gives you the slut kink (or superslut kink if you already have slut).
    • Gives you the risky and pregnancy kinks.
  • Cool new KX-Hubull bad end can now be achieved by taking more than one dose of the transformative.
    • Debating “murderfucker” achievement
  • Viasil transformative added to the game.
    • Penis enhancement transformative.
    • Surprisingly, it does exactly what it says on the tin.
    • Increases the length and girth of your cock based on its current size.
    • Each future dose will cause less growth, until it reaches the minimum size increase of 1/8th of current size.
    • There is a limit to the maximum size you can grow using this treatment.
  • Fulsac transformative added to the game.
    • Increases testicle size semi-proportionally to current testicle size.
    • Has a 50% chance to cause your testicle to split into two smaller ones if you only have a single testicle.
    • Will increase your bimbo score (amount increases based on number of prior doses)
    • Has a chance (increasing w/ number of doses) to give you the mega nuts mutation.
    • Having the mega nuts mutation will cause a higher percentage of testicle growth.
    • Reminder: testicle size is significantly related to ejaculation volume and refractory rate.
  • New self-thoughts for futas!
    • self-thoughts are the (usually pink) internal monologue text that appears below a location description.
    • thoughts relate to your cock and erection status in various situations/locations.
  • New sex toys added to the game!
    • Purchased at the Prude shop in the adult district downtown along with other sex toys.
    • 2 chastity cages, one normal and one tiny.
    • scrotum stretching ring
    • Besty assures me that all the item-related issues with reaching a certain part of the body in chastity has been resolved.
    • 2 onaholes were partially created, but not implemented yet.
  • You can now confess that you are a futa to your partner during a date.
    • It’s generally better to tell people these things before they find out in the bedroom!
    • can result in various outcomes depending on the NPC.
    • As expected of Appletree, many NPCs will be very happy about you having a cock.
  • NPCs will now discover that you’re a futa when you are sufficiently undressed during a sex scene (if they didn’t know already)
    • Various outcomes are possible, but they are less likely to be understanding.
  • Female NPC portraits should work now, by god.
    • Besty and I pooled our efforts on this one.
    • If there are still problems somehow, try starting a new game (old NPCs may still run afoul of a certain bug if they were spontaneously generated based on filler-npc interaction.)
  • Big new gloryhole expansionfor the gloryhole in shake & pop.
    • Use your cock instead of servicing someone else’s!
    • Potential activities include:
      • Anal sex
      • Vaginal sex
      • Blowjob
      • Handjob
      • Tittyfucking
    • Anenn said “Be careful, some girls are mean…” and I was too scared to ask him what this means.
  • Lots of additions of futa modifications/content to “everyday” things for futas.
    • Home item variation for the machine gun fuck machine.
    • Home item variation for the rocking stool sex toy.
    • New nighttime dreams for futas.
    • Shower events for futas.
    • Special “morning events” for futas.
    • Jogging futa variations
    • Pool & swimming futa variations
    • Tanning variations for futas.
    • Restless events for futas.
    • TV and wasting time on phone variations for futas.
    • A problem while trying to meditate that can happen to futas.
      • Anenn did this, and I’m honestly too scared to look. He promises it works though.
    • Events that happen at the Lake Clitea resort now have futa variations.
  • Bug Fixing.


Words: 2,029,233 (18,174,775 characters)
Lines O’ TypeScript: 147,385

A lot of bug fixing. Pretty much all the bugs that have been reported have been fixed, though some may have an “Anenn Fix” applied…
– Paper doll images bug fixed
– Fixes for several home items like flowers.
– Sex machines will now actually satisfy you instead of just making you hornier.
– Stage 4 of the main quest should finish correctly.
– Text in the quest to acquire special components has been fixed. The quest was telling you that Oleg would appear in the club district when he was actually appearing in the amusement district.
– Besty caused a lot of headaches with this one… sorry.
– Plenty of other stuff, just check the Mantis bug tracker if you’re interested.
Made minor tweaks to the interface in several places in order to make it a little easier to use or more intuitive.
A new scene involving Oleg and the component quests was added, the scene occurs when you “ask for a discount”.
Every single non-random NPC now has a custom end-of-game story that tells you what happened to them after the game ends.
– You will still need to at least be acquaintances with them in order for the story to appear at the end of the game.
Several random endings for random NPCs have been written.
– The system assigning random endings has been changed so that no two NPCs can receive the same ending.
– 17 different endings, we’ll probably add more since they’re fun to make.
You can now feed the ducks at Tesla Reservoir.
– Quack!
A lot of work on the sex act and orgasm libraries.
– 18K words of new action descriptions.
– Every sex action now has at least one description for each of the 14 different kinks.
– The kinks are: lesbian, hidden in public, open in public, nonconsensual, romantic, risky, pregnancy kink, player IS pregnant, submissive, dominant, size queen, degrading, slut, bimbo.
– The standard or default description for all sex actions now has at least 2 variations.
– A lot of proofreading, fixes to pronouns, and addition of parser calls in relevant areas.
– The system is generally complete in terms of writing but will need plenty more editing…
Added some more small variants to common actions for pregnancy, such as doing the laundry while pregnant.


The Bunny Girl Release – v0.45 Change Log
Words: 2,867,764 (17,204,029 characters)
Code: 209,822 Lines TS & JS
Body Portraits: 713,687,040 combinations

This change log is a little different because it is so concentrated on marriage.

There is a new game soundtrack with a more dystopian feel.
You can replace the game’s music by substituting your own mix file in .mp3 format. Just replace this file with your own: resourcesaudioGameMusic.mp3
New school events added to Mrs Fubb’s Parlor (4K words).
The player and NPCs can now propose marriage.
NPCs will pick a proposal scenario based on their personality.
The player can choose the proposal scenario they use, but some options are limited by the PC personality.
Several scenarios are possible, with over 10K words of content.
The result of the proposal will depend on the NPC and the status of your relationship if you propose to them. If the NPC proposes, it’s up to you how you answer.
Keep in mind that the NPC won’t propose immediately as soon as the relationship is eligible to advance, just like other relationship stages. Proposals happen as an offshoot of the normal dating process, so be sure to give your lover plenty of opportunities (dates) to propose if you’re waiting for them to pop the question.
If you pick a proposal type that really runs counter to the personality of your lover, they are likely to get mad at you!
There are several wedding-planning-type events that will occur as part of the engagement process.
You’ll need to choose your dress, the venue, officiator, decor, discuss any special vows, invite your friends, and other things to get ready for the big day.
Most things are quickly taken care of in a conversation with your fiance (we don’t want wedding planning to be boring).
Some portions of the prep work will require you to show up to a pre-arranged meeting, such as picking out your dress. You don’t want to forget!
On the day of your wedding, you’ll be able to show up to your venue of choice and actually get married.
Or forget to show up… which won’t turn out well for your relationship.
There are over 12K words of content for the various ceremonies and customizations.
There are opportunities for you (or your partner) to flee from the alter.
There are also unique reactions from your guests that you can discover based on the wedding you chose.
You may want to be cautious about nudity or publicly consummating your marriage in a very public place like the city park!
The wedding ceremony is mostly complete, but the reception afterward is not, so remember to make a save before getting married if you want to quickly view the reception in v46.
The game is still playable after getting married, but you won’t find gameplay much different than beforehand, as married life elements are coming in v46 and v47.
The officiators all have different ceremonies they perform with different undertones and different vows “do you take X, in sickness and health…”. Some are pretty raunchy!

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