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A Struggle With Sin v0.4.8.0a by Chyos, A Struggle With Sin game is the story of a fantasy world in the midst of a civil war. Rising taxes and raids by orcs and bandits make each villager act according to their own needs first.

Will you become like the others in this corrupt society? Or will you stay true to yourself and find a way out of the chaos that surrounds you?​

Updated: 2022-03-31
Release Date: 2022-03-31
Interval Update: 2-3 months
Developer: Chyos Patreon
Censored: No
Version: v0.4.8.0a
OS: Windows
Language: English

3DCG, 2D game, Male protagonist, Fantasy, Animated, Adventure, Corruption, MILF, Monster girl, Vaginal sex, Anal sex , Big ass, Big tits, Blackmail, Voyeurism, RPG, Groping, Virgin, NTR (optional), Netori (seperated from NTR), Combat, Incest, Transformation, Religion, Drugs, Monster, Cheating, Oral sex, Creampie, Combat, Turn based combat, Sexual harassment, Interracial, Sex toys, Masturbation, Group sex, Multiple penetration
1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on “Game.exe” to start playing.


  • Verena’s Bonus scene (new dress + scene for her and Claire)
  • First part for Athia’s character progress (2 paths depending on your choice regarding Gwen) / in this version currently 2 animations for her + 1 for Emily
  • Expanding the house to the 1st floor + new furniture for it
  • Tia will now cut wood for you if you leave her in Arenfield at 4pm (you need to talk to her first to activate this)
  • You can now complete Athia’s quest (different depending on your choice with Gwen) – 7 new animations (in total 10 since
  • If on Gwen’s path autobattles will now increase her corruption

The past week hasn’t been easy for me. I wanted to get this update done last Friday, then Monday…then Tuesday… There was always still something missing or something not working.
And almost every day I came up with other small ideas that MUST be added…yeah of course you can’t get the update finished if you work like that.
But it’s really difficult to stop myself once I have an idea that I want to add to the game.
So now finally I call complete. Both paths for Athia can be completed (at least the quest about her reincarnation) – The story around her has of course only just started and I will continue it in the future. And now there is of course also the option to add content for her via bonus scenes. I think there is a lot of room for that ;) I already have some ideas which I wasn’t able to fit into this update.

v0.4.7.5 and
So what is now added?

  • Gwen’s & Sabrina’s bonus scene with 10 animations (depending on the path you took with Sabrina), to see it you must have had sex with Sabrina at least 3 times and then do it again.
  • 2 new animations for Gwen, 4 for Sabrina (again depending on route)
  • You can now continue Gwen’s quest, there is still some more dialogue missing for the aftermath. I will add it in the update in the coming week.
  • New character sprites/dialogue images
  • Bugfixes and smaller changes to Gwen’s older scene (hope that doesn’t cause any problems, had to change the code a bit so that it would work with the new animations)
  • You can now renovate the first floor of the MC’s house. (I have already made preparations for the 2nd floor, but that will come in the next update)
  • You can continue Gwen’s quest which will change the relationship between her and the MC depending on your previous decision. (4 new animations at the altar in her house)
  • There is a new conversation with Sabrina after the events. This will add more dialogue and a new animation when you wake her up at night.
  • The first steps of Athia’s quest. I’ve added some more sprites and dialogue images for that, but real content for her will come in as I said before.

Completed the 2nd branch of Umah’s route (4 Animations) + a lot of intermission images
New buildings for Rumah (see Umin after you completed Umah’s first quest)

2 new quests for Umah (5 animations for route 1)
Claire’s bonus scene (new options in the kitchen after you completed her story)
Maui’s scene from the hunting ground is now available at Rumah
New battle backgrounds for forest maps & Madrag Kaz
Some bugfixes


  • Reworked all of Maui’s scenes, dialogue images, sprites (~460 images)
  • Added a bonus scene for Mira & reworked her dialogue images (~360 images)
  • 2 new maps
  • Continued the story around Rumah (incomplete, will be continued in
  • 1 new scene for Nyra inside chieftains hut and outside at Rumah (2 animations, 57 images)
  • 4 new characters, I’ve made dialogue images and sprites for them. You will see more of them in the coming update
  • New content for Raaisha: A new scene solo and another with Tia both available at 2 locations in Rumah. And a new scene for her and Dasan should you have chosen that route.
  • Should Dasan have escaped during the confrontation in Rumah you can now find him again.
  • A few smaller changes (You can now ask Tia to come with you/stay in Arenfield)
  • Bugfixes as always (the biggest I can remember was the one with Kate’s pregnancy not showing her belly in the dialogue with Grant & Ophilia at the table at the inn).


  • A new bonus scene for Penny (5 animations)
  • Lucius has now a daily cycle and you can watch him from outside the shop through the window
  • Reworked 3 of Kate’s older animations (This was on my todo list for a long time now)
  • You can now build beds for Emily’s orphanage, to do that talk to Roderic in his workshop
  • Kate can now get pregnant. This comes with some choices for the MC, you can prevent it of course if you’re not into that kind of content and it’s completely optional. (7 animations for Kate when she is pregnant)
  • Claire: Reworked her dialogue images, added a new scene with her when she’s sitting at the fireplace in the morning (2 animations)
  • Verena: added more dialogue adjustments to her dialogue with Claire & in case you visit Arianna.
  • You can now skip multiple days when using the skip time function
  • A new Halloween event (no scene). Is available during October RL time and during ingame October.
  • Just made a lot of grammar/typo fixes, a big thank you to him from my side!
  • And as always a lot of bugfixes! Thank you all for the reports!

Hope I didn’t forget anything…
Next month I’ll be working on Raaisha’s update. This will further expand the forest and I’ll be adding the orc village. This is going to be a bigger update and I expect to work on it for 2 months. There will be of course updates for each month as always.


v0.4.3.0c Hotfix
New dialogue updates from Just, Fixed Frisha walking backwards, Fixed problems with Verena, Rabbit trap & hutch have been corrected (no more endless rabbits).


Natasha’s bonus scene, Reworked all her images + new alternative mode with different personality on top of the reworked and animations with smaller breastsize I’ve added one more animation
Verena’s quest: reworked her old animations + added 14 new + 2 animation for Arianna a lot of new sprites and probably more new dialogue then I have ever written for an update before.
You can now set up traps and place them in the forest
Updated the cheat book (big thanks to Firebane for his work on it!)
Some smaller features (added a cat, you can now build a rabbit hutch for Emily)
A lot of bugfixes


  • Kate & Arianna’s bonus scene with 5 animations
  • Reworked 5 more of Tia’s animations in Rumah
  • New dialogue images and character sprites for: Kate, Lyvia, Liandra, Frisha
  • New scenes for Frisha, 4 animations (1 ntr)
  • You can now continue Liandra’s story at the Baron & at the camp depending on which route you have chosen. Depending on your choices you will see different animations for her. In total I made 11 animations for her (2ntr), not counting transitions/transformation animations.
  • In total 1079 new images (just so you get an idea, previous updates had around 500~ new images)
  • Minor bug fixes and changes that I can’t remember in detail.

This update really pushed me to my limits. Don’t expect me to do anything similar in the near future again… Also looking back it was a stupid idea to work on these many story branches in this short time. I did it of course so that you can now choose instead of having to wait until eventually Liandra wins the content poll again. Still, if I had to do it again I would probably make a poll which route you want to see first and then focus on that rather then do them all in one month.


  • Reworked the mayor’s mansion (3maps)
  • Added 2 new maps
  • Continued Frisha’s story, with 4 new animations
  • Added content for Nyra, 2 new scenes
  • Yasmine’s and Julia’s bonusscene from last month (5 animations)
  • New quest around Liandra (Dave’s potential bride unless you prevent it)

This last update had a lot of branches with different dialogue depending on the route the player has chosen. I’ve also added changed dialogue for Yasmine & Julia should you first interact with them after you already started Liandra’s quest since then her previous dialogue wouldn’t make much sense anymore. There is still more to do in that regard, but that’s why I planned to do a 2 month update for this story part from the beginning.


For testing: I’ve changed the respawn rate of monsters and items on almost all maps (not the mine and swamp) to 7 days. The reason behind that is that the original respawn time of 3 days was a good thing when there wasn’t that many areas.. Now that the game has a lot more maps it often feels to me like you get bombarded with trees and no matter where you go there are too many enemies. I’m looking forward to your feedback, If you think the respawn time is too long I can adjust it of course!

So About the new stuff:

Reworked the mayor’s mansion (3maps)
Added 2 new maps
Continued Frisha’s story (see spoiler if you can’t find it)
A new scene for Nyra
Yasmine’s and Julia’s bonusscene from last month
Saves from version and after that work for this version! Just copy over the save folder from the old version (there is also an explanation for that inside the game’s folder)

I won’t have time to update the walkthrough for this update, but here some clues on how you can progress the new content:
For Nyra’s scene: you have to talk to her and after she agrees to cook for the tribe Fuck 3 of the 4 women next to the fire when she is cooking. After that ask for a second bowl of soup.

For Liandra: After completing Frisha’s content with Dave listen again to Dave talking to his father in the morning/afternoon.

For Yasmine:
To see the new scene you must have had sex with Yasmine 5 times and her corruption has to be 6+ then when having sex with her change position until Giron walks in on you. You can then satisfy her or leave without fucking her again (she will then take the next best cock to satisfy herself.. Only in ntr on mode)

For Julia:
To see the new part with Julia you have to complete her previous content and then complete John’s quest up to the point where Julia came in to serve tea.
After that you can talk to her in the kitchen again to start a new quest around her
(important: if you told her to improve with the butler you have to watch her while not disguised and then overstay so you get punished, after that you can confront her in the kitchen)
Everything after that should be explained in the questlog.
I’ve also added an animation for the scene when she licks Yasmine in the livingroom .


  • John’s quest + reworked his character model (Help him to deliver weapons to the front)
    (there is currently a bug if you don’t have 5 goblin ears with you the first time)
  • New weapons/armor
  • the 3rd option of Gavina’s quest (it took a whole lot longer than option 1 & 2)
  • New scenes for Gavina (5 animations) after you completed her quest + alternative dialogue in some other parts depending on choices regarding Bianca
  • Changed questicons for most quests
  • Daily cycles for John & Melissa
  • Start of Melissa’s quest (unfinished)


  • Emily’s bonus scene from last month (Must have had a 3some with Frisha twice, then have sex with Frisha in her room twice during an evening)
  • Optional ntr route for Julia, you can now tell her to get more experience after you’ve started her love route.. If that’s a good idea..
  • New message log during conversations, in case you missed something (press left shift)
  • You can now hide the textbox during conversations by rightclicking
  • There are now labels in Arenfield that show the name of the owner of the houses (can be disabled in the options menu)
  • Reworked Bianca’s reverse ride animation (smoother now with more frames)
  • Bianca’s corruption route with new animations (They are also available if you corrupt Bianca in her love route and one doesn’t need corruption at all)
  • 1 new map
  • You can now continue and complete Gavina’s quest! Careful to not lose a fight while escorting them..
  • Reworked Melissa’s dialogue images


  • Bonus scene for Ophilia with 4 animations & new dialogue images for her + some reworked images
  • Added 1 scene for Penny’s corruption route (next to Henry)
  • 4 new maps, 2 new characters + dialogue images and new sprites for Bianca
  • 11 new animations for Bianca together with a quest and her love route (not completely finished)
  • 1 new scene for Lyvia/Tia
  • New stealth skill which gives the player the option to sneak up or vanish from enemies (currently based on the thievery talent)
  • 1 additional quest that will be continued in the coming month
  • Smaller changes and fixes all over the game


  • Bonus scene for Frisha (4 animations)
  • Reworked 2 maps (Smithy / Lucius shop)
  • Added new fasttravel positions for the camp and witches cottage (on the map)
  • Reworked MC character model (You can still use the old images if you prefer them)
  • Reworked Lucius & Henry
  • Fixed Penny’s give vegetable script and she’s now also actually visiting the shop to sell them.
  • Added the mansion into the global time script and adjusted time segments. Made new positions for each character for 5pm and 7pm
  • Continued Penny’s quest. Can now be completed and you can approach her character progression in different ways. Made 8 new animations in total for her story + additional images
  • Other smaller changes and fixes (Can’t remember everything I’ve done)


  • Bonus scene for Frisha (interact with the MC during dinner & new scene with her and Dave should the MC fuck her more than 10 times) (4 animations)
  • Start of Penny’s quest. 1 new animation, Henry will wake up but this quest isn’t finished in this update.
  • Reworked 2 maps (shop & smithy)
  • Reworked character images for Lucius & Henry
  • Fixed Penny’s give vegetable script and she’s now also actually visiting the shop to sell them.
  • Added the mansion into the global time script and adjusted time segments. Made new positions for each character for 5pm and 7pm


  • Bonus scene for Hiba and Raaisha (5 animations)
  • a new map and small changes to the cellar of the church
  • Changes to the positioning script to make transitions between locations easier
  • Continued Mira’s quest around the church. The quest about her ritual can now be completed and involves 2 new characters. (9 new animations)
  • 3 new weapons
  • Minor changes and fixes (Fixed time consume bug for serving game and other events like farming, working in the smithy) and some other things.. Don’t remember everything.


  • 1 new animations for Mira
  • 2 new animations for a new character
  • 5 animations for Hiba & Raaisha
  • 1 new map
  • Mira’s story continues, you can start her new quest, it’s currently not possible to complete it (There is an option to pause it)


  • 4 new animations for Tia + 1 reworked
  • 8 animations for Katherin
  • New daily cycle for Kate/Tia/Katherin with transitions between positions
  • 3 new potion recipes + you can find new herbs in the gameworld (depends on nature skill)
  • 4 new food recipes
  • Katherin’s quest to start a relationship
  • Added a cheatmod to the game
  • Bugfixes and smaller changes (Penny will now get vegetables even if you don’t help her, Other partymembers perception now works if it’s higher than the MC’s)


  • Kate’s bonus scene from December (Anal in the tavern + optional route for Rick)
  • Reworked sprites for Katherin & Tia together with new facial images
  • Reworked Katherin’s house & Mountain path map
  • Reworked Katherin’s & Tia’s daily cycle + added interaction with them inside Katherin’s house (Will be improved in 0.3.5)
  • 1 new scene for Tia (In Arenfield touch her with high lust while she’s working needs 20C)
  • After completing Tia’s story up to the part where she becomes your wanita the dialogue with Katherin has been changed and now Tia will suggest that she could share the bed with the MC. That will lead to you getting the Key for Katherin’s house.
    If you already had that dialogue with Katherin, Tia should tell you that you can now sleep there when you enter the house with her in group.
  • Also some bugfixes all around the game (Everything you reported or what I found myself)


  • 2 scenes for Mira, 3 animations (Bonusscene from November)
  • 2 scenes for Kate, 4 animations (Holiday special)
  • Winter mode for the game world (visible in the winter month’s of the game)
  • 2 new maps (Carpenter’s house) + Daily cycles for 4 persons inside of it
  • Arianna’s new quest that can be completed
  • 1 scene for Arianna, 2 animations + her old animations at a new place
  • 2 scenes for Verena, 5 animations
  • Smaller changes and fixes: Herbs are more visible, Shop doesn’t show NaN anymore + some transition and minor fixes.

A small list of things I’ve changed/added:

  • You can now complete the quest about Arenfields militia
  • Added the start of Lyvia’s love route. (Sit with her in the evening near the campfire, increase her affection up to 10 and find a way to distract Tia if she’s around) I plan to add more for her inside the barracks next week.
  • Rebalanced brigands damage, please give me some feedback on that. Also added a new skill for Lyvia
  • 3 new animations for Lyvia
  • New map to the east of Arenfield. Can be entered right after the intro.. It’s still work in progress but you can already find enemys there (Brigands will spawn when you progressed Lyvia’s story)
  • Ayita’s bonus scene with 5 animations (Small explanation to her content at the bottom of this post)
  • Bugfixes and smaller changes all over the game (everything you reported + everything I ran into myself)


  • Arianna’s bonus scene from last month (3 animations)
  • Constitution now takes affect on all activitys that cost rest
  • I’ve worked on transitions inside Arenfield when character’s move around but don’t reach their destination before the player enters a house
  • Lyvia’s quest, you can talk to her right after you captured Imawyn and later you can recruit her to your party
  • Implemented and changed current events so that Lyvia can travel with you without gamebreaking interactions
  • 1 new map and 2 reworked. Lyvia and some guards now have a daily routine with transitions
  • 5 new animations for Imawyn, one new mini scene for Tia & new sex location with Tia
  • Smaller changes to Kate’s questline, Kate will now only talk to Thomas outside his room if she did fail to work properly (I hope this will reduce the feeling of being stuck with her storyline) Also fixed the bug that she would have sex with Thomas without loosing her virginity.
  • Some other small fixes all over the game when ever I stumbled onto them
  • in total 365 new images

Lyvia’s quest isn’t finished yet. Thanks to your votes I will continue to work on it this month and do my best to bring it to a satisfying end. There will also be reworked/new content for Ayita and by the end of the month a bonus scene for Mira.

Chopping wood/mining/farming costs can now be reduced with the constitution talent (current max 10)
New animations for mining + mining now gives stone and there are random copper spawns in the deep forest every 3 days.
Reworked Emily’s house map
New option to change combat animations speed (options>visuals)
5 new animations for Emily, although for many of you that will count as 3 (not all of them sex scenes)
The bonus scene for Claire (She needs to be at 10C, Talk to her outside the inn)
You can continue Emily’s story. Mira must be in the church to do that! Then just talk to Emily when going to bed, every other info should be in the questlog
Fixed some bugs that have been reported over the past weeks. Also added a few new lines of dialogue to Hiba’s outdoor scene and fixed it. Also you can now rent a room at the inn even if you worked there before… Can’t recall all the other things.
– New animation for Claire and Kate threesome

– 3 New NTR punishment scenes between Kate and Thomas

– Threesome with Tia and Maui with Tia 20 C

– New Sex with Gwen in her Bedroom and now you can start training with Sabrina and continue her quest

– You can now use the “use witchcraft” option on Gutruk if you finished Gwen’s mission and Sabrina Training


  • Reworked 2 maps (Gwen’s cottage inside/outside)
  • 2 new maps (no spoilers here)
  • 3 new animations for Gwen
  • First part of Gwen’s quest
  • Kate’s bonus scene of June with new 3some animations and Kate/Thomas scenes
  • Added an option to disable the autosave
  • Fixed all bugs that got reported to me over the past weeks


  • Reworked 2 maps (Gwen’s cottage inside/outside)
  • 2 new maps (no spoilers here)
  • 3 new animations for Gwen
  • First part of Gwen’s quest
  • Kate’s bonus scene of June with new 3some animations and Kate/Thomas scenes
  • Added an option to disable the autosave
  • Fixed all bugs that got reported to me over the past weeks


  • 2 new animations for Arianna
  • 4 animations for Yasmine/Julia
  • 4 animations for Penny (+transitions)
  • In total 402 new images
  • New map Penny’s house
  • Quest for Penny and introduction of her character
  • New farming system (This will be expanded in the future)
  • New animations for cutting trees + the MC can now chop trees without Tia
  • Many bugfixes and slight changes to some events.


This update includes the bonus scene of last month for Yasmine ( )

Quick guide how to see the scene

Yasmine must have corruption 6+ and you must have had sex with her at least once
Talk to Julia when she’s in the kitchen so she is added to your relations
Talk to Yasmine when she’s in the livingroom (7am – without Julia, 8pm – with Julia)
When she asks you if you will come and visit her later on you can now choose right now
If Julia is in the room (8pm) she will now watch you closely if not the dialogue will be ofc without her presence
If Julia watched you you can talk to her when she’s in the kitchen the next day
You can now either choose to give her hope or don’t do it (If you don’t then there is no more content with her)
Now talk to Yasmine again at (8pm) and continue afterwards

Currently crops need 10 days to grow (if you water them every day, it’s a bit hard to weight that correctly at the moment because a fitting weather system isn’t implemented yet. Something I want to add in the future) If you don’t water them they will also grow but will take double the time. After that you can in case of wheat make flour out of it that Penny will bake into bread. In case of the other vegetables you can give them to Penny and she will sell them to earn more money. Her money is stored in her house and I plan to offer new buy options for her in the future.

Because of these new vegetables I’ve removed the old vegetables from Lucius shop (this was a placeholder anyway) Emily will now accept the new vegetables for her cooking. By doing this I also wanted to make food a bit more important. I wanted to give the option to roast meat over the fire in this version but I just ran out of time and focussed on getting Penny’s story started first.

So what else.. I’ve added a new animation when you cut trees (wanted to give it a bit more immersion) The ntr scene with Julia is now animated.. although I didn’t even test that.. so I hope it’s working.. And you won’t get kicked out of the house anymore if you watch it.

There is currently no scene for Penny in this version! Some images though and ofc the story. I wanted to take proper time to introduce Penny’s character, something I didn’t do enough for Arianna (at least from my point of view) My plan is to do all of the missing stuff in the coming week. so hopefully release next friday.. If I can’t make that mark I will let you know. There won’t be a WT update for this version, I will write the update to that next week when 0.2.8 is complete.

I’ve also made some fixes for bugs and ofc you can start Penny’s quest (just talk to her on the field and follow the questlog)

These past two weeks where almost entirely spend on working on the farming mechanics and daily routine and ofc drawing the new map + making fitting sprites and working on the locations to match in daz3d. Most of the dialogue was written today so if there are typos please report them also


  • New options: (you can find these in the menu under <General>)
    – Turn off virgin blood: (for those who don’t like to see it on their first time)
    – Quick battle: (If you outscale an enemy, for example you are level 10 the orc is level 4 you can now kill him without having to go into the battle scene)
    – Ntr on(off) Many asked for this so I’ve added it. BUT turning ntr off won’t change previously made decisions or questlines. This might also cause problems. So I advise to only use this if you want to turn ntr on and not if you want to turn it off.
  • 2 new animations for Arianna and I’ve added a bit more dialogue to her current scenes that also changes if you have sex with her more often
  • Added a tutorial to explain how to upgrade armor (tutorial gem and it will show if you craft the item at the smithy for the first time)
  • Smaller bugfixes
Dev Notes
After having a discussion about ntr here already (page 4) I want to clarify so that you don’t have to search:
Currently there is Netorare content in this game, which you can avoid OR turn off at the start.
There is also netori content in the game that you can play even if you switch ntr off.

There is no incest by itself in this game. But if you read Marcus letter a second time (later in the game, Mira’s quest) you will switch to the alternative story and can change designations to what ever you like.

Please let me know if you encounter bugs so I can fix them for the next update.
This is a non linear game which makes testing for me allone difficult (you can be sure I do a lot of testing before each release)
But as this is a one dev project at the moment I hope you will forgive bugs if they happen and report them to me (if possible together with a savefile).
Thank you for helping me to improve the game!

Known issue:
– Sometimes after loading a save an error might pop up. normaly restarting solves the issue. I know this needs fixing and is on my to do list


Saves from before version do not work!


Download For Win
Download For v0.4.8.0a fix only


Download For Compressed Win (847 MB)
WORKUPLOAD PIXELDRAIN GOFILE *This unofficial version is not released by the developer, download at your own risk, it may break the game.
Download For Original MC Images Patch
WALKTHROUGH  SAVE (v0.4.0) *Saves info

Save 1 – Mixed NTR and Non NTR, specifically to watch Penny’s corruption scenes. Doesn’t have Imawyn’s content [Incomplete save]
Save 2 – No NTR, no futa and I left Penny route up till the point where you can begin to corrupt her. Imawyn’s corruption route(just slightly changes some dialogues). Full save
Save 3 – No NTR, no futa and I left Penny up to the point to corrupt her. Imawyn’s love route(just slightly changes some dialogues). Got the tainted sword from the prophet. [Full save]
Save 4 – No NTR, FUTA and I think it is a complete save too [Full save(probably)]
Save 5 – NTR save missing a lot of content with Tia’s and Kate’s NTR content unlocked. The MC possesses no rights over her wanita in this save as he lost against Dasan in a fight. [Incomplete]
Save 6 – NTR just before deciding if Sabrina’s virginity was taken or not. [Incomplete]
Save 7 – NTR with Imawyn’s love route. It is in the point in which you can take her virginity at the tent. After this you can go with either Lyvia or Tia to find the viking-looking guys and get some mini scenes if you lose. [Incomplete]
Save 8 – NTR with Imawyn still in prison(Virgin). You can begin to corrupt her or just ignore her and continue with the other NTR routes. [Incomplete]

Cheatmod For v0.3.8.5c
CHEATMADD CHEATGUARD *If you want the Guard to appear use ‘Cheat Guard – [VERSION]’.
If you want the added Cheats use ‘Cheat Add – [VERSION]’.
Both can be used.

1. Unzip all files using WinRAR/7-Zip

2. Move all .json files into the ‘data‘ folder and overwrite.

3. In game, The Darkwood entrance talk to the guard and select Yes.

4. In your inventory “Key Items” an Cheatbook will open the Cheat Menu.


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