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18titans v1.0.8 by Mity The Teen Titans are young superheroes fighting crime under leadership of Robin, Unknown to the other Titans, Their team leader Robin was abducted by Slade, one of their most dangerous enemies. After restraining him, Slade take a syringe and inject something into Robins veins accompanied by a cryptic message. By the creator of Four Elements Trainer.​

Updated: 2021-06-01
Release Date: 2021-01-30
Developer: Mity Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 1.0.8
OS: Windows, Linux
Language: English

2DCG, 2D Game, Male protagonist, Parody, Animated, Fantasy, Oral sex, Vaginal sex, Turn based combat
1. Extract game to its own folder
2. Run

So what’s new in this version which wasn’t already present in 1.0.5?

– You can get a simple boob/handjob from Raven(That’s all that’s new for her in this version).

– Beast Boy/Girl will get a moped/money and you get something in return from her!

– Jinx will do something with a certain thing being pushed through a hole in a wall. Beast Boy can be invited as well!

– Blackfire gets to have extra nutrients, in either her mouth or her uterus. As always, Starfire can come along to watch.

– Terra becomes a part of the Titans and gets her Titan outfit. Slade gets to show off his new idle for the first time.

– The MC learns a new technique to deal a bit more damage and increase his defense.

– Yhads is selling a new poster.

I’ve added “under construction” signs here and there and some tidbits aren’t mentioned, but if you’ve seen all the scenes which I mentioned above you’ll have reached the end of the new content.


Hey guys, here’s a short summary of what I added since version 1.0.3 to help you know when you’ve seen all the new stuff.


My suggestion is to first play the this version normally and afterwards see if you missed something.
Naturally there will be a bit of spoilerage going on here, but I’ll try and keep it vague.

This build is more of a “setup build” where I put smaller pieces into place for the next build.
That means there’ll be less hardcore sex scenes than you saw during the first build.

Starfire – Anal! And she gets to watch you degrade her sister if you ask her.

Blackfire – You can give her four orders in total.

Jinx – You can give her one more order.

Beast girl has a total of four smaller girl scenes. When you reach 4/4 you’ll reach an “under construction” – sign. Can be totally avoided if
you’re boner doesn’t get confused and is just like “NO. Nonono.”

Kitten – You can meet her and her dad.

Terra – Nothing… okay, just a preview of her non naked body.

Bumblebee – A poster, you can also buy a Terra poster now from Yhads if you didn’t get one from Beast boy earlier.

Raven – You get to fight/kiss/slap her bottom/see her nude etc. You’ll reach an “under construction” – sign when you run out of her options at night.

The batarangs for Robin are cheaper and a bit more powerful.
There’s a new enemy which is also pretty weak like Doctor Light and can help you get stronger more easily.

If you find bugs and/or have other feedback, you can tell me in the comments or if you want, simply send me a pm. it’s all good!
Thanks and I hope you’ll have some fun with this build!



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